Can't cope or give up!

Hope you are all as well as can be, i myself am struggling to cope right now.

Dad is on the mend heart wise but now has ulcers on his leg which i hope don’t get as bad as last time.

My left shoulder has been in agony since thursday evening which the Doc has let me take dihdrocodeine with my anti-depressants but really only space me out to deal with the pain.

The anti-social behavior issue has been ongoing with my neighbour and her buddys

and my son and daughter don’t want to leave me in the house alone when i’m feeling rough so they have missed time off school.

But above all else i just want my life back to how it was last year, yes i had pain on

and off but i didn’t have the mental torture of limbo land, waiting for lumbar punctures

and the knowledge of these cretins in my head.

Next tuesday i see the heamotologist to sort my blood in prep for the LP just hope it’s sooner rather than later.

Sorry to ramble but i needed to off load.

Sonia x

Hello lovely x glad there is improvement with you r dad x hopefully those sores will heal soon x

Keep complaining about those neighbours! It’s sooo not on!!!

you’ll get there eventually xxxjenxxx

Really pleased about your dad

Hopefully everything else will start to come good now too.

Hang in there.

Karen x