So fed up.

Hi all, dad’s on the slow path to recovery after his bypass. I thought i would feel better with one stress out of the way.

No such luck, still waking at 4.15 even after taking sleepers, tired throughout the day and GP has up’d my anti-depressants after 2 weeks of starting and referred me to a phscologist as i really need to know how to deal with the not knowing what is wrong

with me bit. I have never been one for quiting even after my stroke and 2 TIA’s i coped but this limboland on top of the neighbours from hell who’s mates opposite who are intimidating my 16yr old son is way too much for me.

The anti-social behavior woman must come from Mars as she phoned me friday and doesn’t seem to think having kids playing football outside your house and keep coming in your garden is a problem even though their parents are nasty individuals.

Neither did she think a 40plus nasty man staring at me and my son every time we leave the house is a problem! Is it me? was i brought up wrong? I have never treated people that way, maybe she has a nice posh house and doesn’t have to live like it.

Sorry to ramble, i have e mailed my MP to see if she can speed up the medical assesment as i live on a walk and stuggle most day’s just lately.

Sonia x

Hi Sonia. I am sorry you are having such a tough time recently. It really does seem like life throws us some cr*p at times eh. I hope the anti social woman doesnt ever have to be in your situation as I know what it is like to have neighbours from hell! I set up cctv and got the police involved too. Feeling intimidated is horrible. Am pleased your Dad is on the road to recovery, but please look after YOU too xx