Fuming not ms

After 2 weeks of hell not knowing if my dad will live or die they booked his op and shaved him ready for tomorrow at 1pm. Only to cancel because of an emergency but the 2 that came in yesterday haven’t been cancelled. Is there a rule that if you are over 70 the nhs don’t give a s**t about you and are hoping to save money if they keep you waiting long enough that you don’t make it??? Fuming doesn’t even come close to how i feel right now! Mental torture keeping a very sick man waiting for the only chance he has to survive.

A very weak and in so much pain filtered word sonia x

So sorry about your dad Sonia. I hope he gets his op soon and recovers well. Teresa xx

Aww Sonia x that’s terrible x hope he gets there sooon xxxxxjen

Sorry to hear that Sonia. I really hope your Dad gets his op asap and recovers well. Thinking of you xx

The NHS can realy suck at times and make mistakes.

Hi Sonia, they did it to my hubbie too, 10 days, twice postponed, once he was even in theatre being prept! I thought I’d be joining him at that point! I don’t think its ageist, its just incompitance/inadequate staff/facilities/money. The stress is horrendous in an already unbearable situation. My heart goes out to you all, and truly hope it gets resolved soon, and your dad makes a good recovery xx

Hi Sonic

I’m sorry you and your dad have to go through this. I have to say cutbacks and things seem to be a lot worse with the current government as I work for the NHS and our department has had to go through some major changes. But I completely agree - whatever the reasons its just not good enough.

Hope he gets the treatment he needs soon.