Today's the day not MS

Today is finally the day my dad should be having his bypass, (unless cancelled again). This exact time last year i was up the hospice with my uncle for his last few day’s of life.

What with the memories of last year and what is going on today i think i’m ready to crack up, i couldn’t sleep so thought i’d better get up and compose myself as my son (16) and my daughter (14) have both got exams at school today.

Sorry to ramble i just feel lost in a world i can’t run from as it’s all in my head going round and round.

sonia x

Hi Sonia x It’s a big day for you - when someone you love is going through what your Dad is - no matter what anyone says to you - you are going to worry sick x

Just go with the flow now - it’s out of your hands - trust that it will happen today x be as positive as you can - keep telling yourself he’s in the best place getting the treatment that he needs x

I know you’ll be on auto pilot until it’s done and he’s well on the road to recovery - but keep that chin up and stay as strong as you can xxxxxxjenxxxxxxx

Hi Sonia. It’s an emotional day for you. Stay strong - at least he’s finally getting the treatment he needs. Once he’s on the road to recovery you can start to focus on getting yourself well again.

Thinking of you



Hi Sonic. Just wanted to say I am thinking of you and your family, and I really hope it all goes well today and your dad is soon on the road to recovery xx

I hope all goes well today and that you will both be on the road to better health and less stress soon.

Take care


Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you today. I hope it goes really well for your dad. Look after yourself Xx

Hope all goes well for your dad, and your kids! Mine, son 15 and daughter 14, have both got exams today too! Thinking of you, look after yourself too xx

Well guy’s thanks so much for your wishes. He took his time waking up and had a blood pressure problem but seems to have got through the op relatively ok. I cried when they said he wouldn’t wake up then i cried when he did.

I just have to get through today (the anniversary of holding my uncles hand in the hospice while he passed away). But hopefully today over with i can give my eyes a well deserved rest.

I wouldn’t mind but in general i don’t usually cry and atm it is all i seem to do very randomly too.

sonia x

Sonia I’m so pleased for you, I have been thinking about you. Hope your dad continues to improve. Today will be difficult but you will get through it and remember we are all here for you. You can message me whenever you want. Take care Xx

Hi Sinia x ditto Nikki’s post xxxxjenxxx

Sonia, we don’t know each other but wanted to say thinking about you and sending lots of positive vibes xxx