OMG had enough cannot cope

Hi all, hope you are doing ok. I used to read posts on here when gp would say its stress all in your head and I used to think being ill and somebody telling you this I would not cope and they all had my sympathies. Had to sell our home and move to a bungalow in an area a few miles away cos could not afford a bungalow in area we lived and got a new gp. I had to go in as emergency SHE called the ambulance they put me on beta blockers but I showed my husband posts on here of MS hug before this he was not believing when he read this he went to gp and said I have had this for 1 year this is exactly whats she is feeling gp said she does not have ms its stress my husband even said she is the calmist person I know I get stressed she does not and said as if I was not there your wife does not have MS. My last gp was lovely and convinced I had ppms now this new one when asked to be referred she will obviously say stressed patient can u see her. My worst nightmare has come true and I sympathised so much with everyonbe else now its me its HORRIBLE why even go to appointment cos I know what she would have put in letter.

My old gp knew me as so bubbly first to dance talk talk non stop this gp does not know me but can say you do not have ms. I dread every meal thinking will this cause the pain starts in middle of chest like indigestion then under both boobs and gthrough to back I have a 22 year old son rubbing my back like a baby you know what I have had enough. Just shows you how a GP can change your whole life.

This site is great for a moan and I have certainly done that hope you all get the answers we are looking for in the future I just feel too tired now.


I’m so sorry hun. I’m having similar problems with drs. You are well within your rights to demand a referral and or second opinion. I would report her for unprofessional conduct. Hugs x

This is terrible. You should demand a change of GP which is your right to do (and they can go fuck themselves). Put in a complaint too. Just prior to diagnosis, my non-functioning arm wasn’t enough to convince my original doctor of my illness and he wrote on my referral that I “seemed stressed about work” and was a “questionable historian” regarding my symptoms. Transferred myself. There are many lovely NHS staff and a few bell ends. Just get them out of your face and ask for a new GP.

Hi Jan,

I agree with the others it’s time to get a new GP. It is your right under the NHS constitution to have a second opinion and be given a referral - there is a link to it here:

Also GP’s cannot diagnose MS, that can only be done by a qualified neurologist - so for her to say you don’t have MS is not possible - she simply doesn’t have the training to know. Speak to the practise manager of the surgery and tell them you are unhappy (putting it mildly!) with the treatment you have recieved and you want to be seen by somebody else - if they are unhelpful - change surgeries. Keep on fighting though, don’t be fobbed off. Best of luck

Laura :slight_smile:

I’ll just add to this, I was initially told that I should stop wearing underwired bras as it was casuing the lack of sensation in my arm, I then had various other symptoms which I was told were stress, was treated for carpal tunnel sent for physio and all sorts. It’s only when I went back to the doctors and saw a locum that I was referred to neurology because she listened to all the symptoms I had, at that point she told me that it could be anything from a vitamin deficiency to MS but without the necessary investigations it was impossible to tell, and didn’t judge me by my previous medical notes. I have now found a doctor in my practice who I trust (obviously the locum is no longer there) and I will only book an appointment with her if necessary. So ask to see someone different or change your practice, there are some good ones out there and when you find one don’t see anyone else. As per posts above a doctor cannot diagnose MS!