not coping, had enough

Hi all, hope you are doing ok. I used to read posts on here when gp would say its stress all in your head and I used to think being ill and somebody telling you this I would not cope and they all had my sympathies. Had to sell our home and move to a bungalow in an area a few miles away cos could not afford a bungalow in area we lived and got a new gp. I had to go in as emergency SHE called the ambulance they put me on beta blockers but I showed my husband posts on here of MS hug before this he was not believing when he read this he went to gp and said I have had this for 1 year this is exactly whats she is feeling gp said she does not have ms its stress my husband even said she is the calmist person I know I get stressed she does not and said as if I was not there your wife does not have MS. My last gp was lovely and convinced I had ppms now this new one when asked to be referred she will obviously say stressed patient can u see her. My worst nightmare has come true and I sympathised so much with everyonbe else now its me its HORRIBLE why even go to appointment cos I know what she would have put in letter.

My old gp knew me as so bubbly first to dance talk talk non stop this gp does not know me but can say you do not have ms. I dread every meal thinking will this cause the pain starts in middle of chest like indigestion then under both boobs and gthrough to back I have a 22 year old son rubbing my back like a baby you know what I have had enough. Just shows you how a GP can change your whole life.

This site is great for a moan and I have certainly done that hope you all get the answers we are looking for in the future I just feel too tired now.


Bad gp’s are awful, initially I was the other way round. My first was terrible, he took personal calls during appointments, would talk to me like a piece of dirt. Whenever I explained about my pain he would say “your too young for arthritis” but send me for bloods anyway. I never once said it was arthritis! When I had my sudden onset of double vision he told me I was fine and to go home, it was actually my optician that referred me to neuro! Later when my gp admitted “he’s not really very good with neuro stuff” and that one guy nearly died under his care because he didn’t realise it was that serious! I finally got the courage to leave. I was always scared to leave incase they we all like that, but it was worth a shot. My new gp is awesome! I can’t praise him enough. I have fast track on my appointments, so if I call and I feel I need to be seen they will make an appointment straight away. I can even phone and just have a chat with him if needs be. When I was last admitted into hospital, because he had sent me for a review with my neurologist he called a couple of times whilst I was in hospital to see how I was getting on! The little things like that and actually listening to your patients makes such a difference. I hope you can find a decent gp again, I hope there’s someone else to try. Don’t put up with the same awful one for years like I did. Does the practice only have the one gp?

Hi Jan, so am I right in thinking you`ve never had a diagnosis of MS, have you?

I know you and I were buddies way back, before the new system here.

But cant quite remember much from then.

I get that pain in my chest, which goes into my back and into my teeth…sounds daft, I know.

GP sent me to cardiologist, who said it is acid reflux.

I still get it, more nowadays. I was first put on 30mg of lansoprazole and it helped a lot. Been on 15mg for a while, but think i`ll increase it as it happens at leat once a week now.

I was wrongly diagnosed with PPMS for years.

Now my diagnosis is incomplete;

spastic paraparesis/cause unknown or possibly genetic. Probably never know!

luv Pollx

ps as far as I am aware, a GP can neither diagnose or deny MS. Have you seen any neuros?