Not been on - just cannot cope

Will try not to bore you all this site has been my life line for over 3 years then decided I would not come on again as I felt I was a waste of time until I got lovely email from ms society asking if I was ok cried for about an hour. Only now I feel I can reply we sold our family home and had to move to another area to afford a bungalow (great) I have my bedroom and the bathroom dining room my sitting room all on ground floorm thought life would be good. How wrong husband of 42 years loving it he has sitting room skytv) I am in dining room watch tv then bed he no longer has the problem of getting me to bed etc which I am glad of.

When I read threads in here befor about people going to doctor saying migraine or all in your head I actually cried at some of the posts thinking how lucky I was cos had same doctor for 20 plus years knew me as outgoing, mad as a brush to this quiet no confidence sad individual in constant pain she was great, but moving house meant moving gp OMG after registering for 3 months was very unwell she said I do not have your notes come back next week I knew right away I was scared. I took my husband with me we told her about the symptoms and Neuro wanted another MRI but no appointment came in would like to be referred, She said YOU DO NOT HAVE MS I have read your notes you do have arthyritis in your spine which can cos symptoms blaa bla bla but I will refer you if you insist but think it is all in your mind. When we left I told my husband this appointment when it comes through will be a complete waste of time he said you do not know that. Appointment came saw neuro he had the cheek to say could a student sit in then without much examination or discussion said I think you need to see a phychiatric or phycologist I cannot remember but felt brave that day after 3 years and said I knew you would say that I knew what my referral letter would have said but as usaual I agreed but he then annoyed me by saying I can send you for a MRI I just fill in a form but I knew there will be not changes GOD I WISH I HAD HIS CRYSTAL BALL sorry for long post and got fed up moaning at you guys all the time but change of house, doctor thought for the best now completely on my own after 42 years married 3 kids doing there own thing no grandchildren do not know where to go from here .

Jan x

Is Rizzo ok not seen any posts on here from her she helped me so much