AAaarghhh Angry...!

Hi everyone,

I have just phoned my neuro’s sec…again…the first time I phoned her. (a few weeks ago) she said to go to my GP and get results…this I did…and basically he told me that he would not get results…long story…have posted this already on here…anyway…back to today…the sec…said I should go and get my results from GP…I told her what he said…and she said ‘nonsense of course he gets the results …we tell everyone to got to their GP…’ I explained that I didn’t want to argue with him…as I didn’t know how these things worked. My neuro is away…and she’s going to ask him when he gets back if I can have a copy sent to me…she said she can’t just send the letter out as they normally don’t do that…it has to go to the GP.

Why is my GP doing this…I’m so angry. I just want my results…I’m getting new symptoms all the time …still feel very odd.

Thanks for listening.,


Flipping heck! Why don’t half of these people realise how awful it is for us waiting day in day out week in week out for these appointments and results!!!

Are the results in your practice now maybe??? The receptionist always tells me when I ring and ask whether they are there or not - she then suggests a telephone consultation with any GP available if I’m worried - just to get the gist of it - and an appointment with my regular one to discuss things properly if I want to xxxxjenxxx

Hello Wendy,

I did think it was odd, when you mentioned it the first time, that your GP claimed he would not get the results!

GP should always be informed of results, as they are the person making the referral, so they should be notified what the outcome was.

In practice, I have always found I am told, AND the GP is told.

If it’s been something important - like getting diagnosed(!) - the consultant has told me in person first, and then summarised the contents of the consultation, and put them in a letter to my GP, copy to me. Hence I knew I had MS before my GP did (which I think is right and proper, as it’s me it concerns).

For more routine things, particularly if it was a test that came back negative or inconclusive, my neuro hasn’t wanted to see me. He’s just put the findings in a letter to my GP, copy to me. I haven’t had to go into the surgery to receive them.



Thanks for your replies. The neuro sec. said my neuro would want to see me…but not yet…maybe the tests have come back clear…but I still want to know!!..


Ridiculous of course your gp gets the results. I am always asked at consultants appointments whether I want a copy of the letter they send to my gp - of course I say yes. Perhaps at any future appointments ask for this too I am pretty sure in is national nhs policy. You really have jumped through a lot of hoops. I hope you get answers soon ((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))) Min xx