Slightly annoyed.....

Hi everyone,

Just wanted opinions really. I went to the GP yesterday, as I had to pick up a prescription for reflux tablets, as my gastro consultant wanted me to take them…while I was in there I asked if he had heard anything back from the hosp. regarding my recent MRI and nerve conduction tests…as I phoned my neuro sec. last week and was told my GP would hear this week. My GP told me that he would not hear…and that everyone ‘thinks’ that he will hear whats going on …but he won’t and that he’s just the middle man.

I also asked him while I was there if he could prescribe me something for my hand as I have awful pain sometimes in my left hand…as well as all the other symptoms that I still have. He just told me to take Ibruprofen. He told me that he doesn’t think I have MS and he thinks my tests will all be clear…I told him I don’t want MS…but the symptoms are still here and I need to know what is wrong with me. My neuro said maybe ME or Fibro…when I told the GP this he asked me if I thought I had Fibro…and tried to give me info…which I said I already had.

He then told me that I may just have to ‘live’ with the feelings…and he gets tons of patients in all the time with symtpoms like mine…and when I asked what can he do for me…he just said refer me for counselling…I wasn’t very happy…and I don’t think I’ll be going back to him again. I’ve already changed my GP once…because of this attitude …I can’t change again…they’ll all think It’s me

I will just have to wait and see what the results are and deal with my neuro.


Hi Wendy!

GP’s are an odd bunch! for example I saw a GP in my practice several months ago when I was having a really bad ‘episode’ - I was in severe pain around my middle having awful chest & stomach spasms coming around from my back, a numb leg and hadn’t slept at all for 5 nights running.

He seemed amost annoyed with me and behaved quite ‘oddly’ saying things like my symptoms were ‘bizarre’!! He refused to listen to me when I was telling him about a thoracic disc proapse I’d had in an RTA 16 years before (that’s what I thought was causing the extreme pain) and even ranted about me ‘making a complaint’ if I wanted to!! I was so confused and annoyed and frustrated!! I wanted to THROTTLE him!!

He then told me to go home & make a list of my symptoms and come back with it that afternoon. When I went in he firstly apologised - then he looked at my symptoms - and then went totally potty when I showed him print outs of ‘Referred Pain’ from prolapsed thoracic discs!!! LOLOL - he arranged for me to come back the following morning to see another GP - who then orgainised and urgent referral to a haemotologist & and spinal consultant and arranged a thoracic MRI & ultrasound - basically he set me on the road to eliminate various causes - and here I am now several months later on the neurologist’s doorstep!!

4 weeks ago when this ‘bad patch’ started I very reluctantly saw the original GP - and what a difference!!! He couldn’t do enough for me basically! He said they don’t often get ‘complicated’ patients like me - that he was really ‘interested’ in my case and ‘working with me’ to get to the bottom of it!!! He mentioned that at the time of the previous ‘bizarre’ episode that he though it was possibly an MS Hug - but he said that I was so distressed at the time and so convinced it was my disc problems that he felt he couldn’t get through to me!!

What I’m trying to get accross - albeit in a long winded roundabout way!! - is that very often GP’s don’t say what they think or rather what they ‘fear’ is wrong - so they often come accross as unsympathetic, irritated, annoyed and downright patronising and dismissive!!!

I also think they feel out of their depth and tend to err on the ‘cautious’ side. They also probably think they are being ‘positive’ and try to come accross as this even if they think it’s something more serious

At the end of the day they are only there for ‘front-line’ diagnoses & treatment & you are beyond that now and I agree that you should rely on your neurologist for your diagnoses & specialist help & advice xx

In the meantime chin up & hang on in there!!! I so know what you are going through x


It is such a let down when someone we hope will support, advise and help us just isn’t willing

Hopefully he was having a bad day? But if he is like that next time you see him then, if I were you, I’d be seeing someone else in future!

I hope you get some news soon!

Karen x

I gave up with mine when on the neuro advise I went to see him about fatigue,as the neuro said the gp could deal with it. I was advised to have an extra amitriptyline so I had a good nights sleep.


Hi Wendy (big hugs)

It can be so frustrating when you’re being dismissed and sometimes the GP is our only port of call inbetween the long gaps to see the neuro to get a diagnosis.

Regardless of what your diagnosis is whether it’s MS or not, lots of things can cause pain so the GP certainly shouldn’t dismiss you or wait for these results whilst you suffer. On the other hand sometimes doctors are reluctant to do something new or change things because they don’t want to intervene and mask something that could be developing. As Jen said a lot of them can feel out of there depth and either they panic and refer you or they just ignore - either way it’s not always that helpful for us. Saying I’m not sure or I don’t have much experience with this but… would be a much better way of being upfront with the patient.

In terms of results. The MRI results will usually become avaialble to your neurologist who will see you shortly after and go through what they’ve shown and what the next step is. They will then write to your GP informing them of the next stage (I think this is generally what will happen). The neuro secretary can have access to the results but depending on the department and protocol she may feel she isn’t best placed to give you them. What if you had medical questions about them, she might not know the answers to these. And imagine knowing the results but having to wait a month to see the neurologist not knowing the context of the results. So sometimes they’re between a rock and a hard place. I don’t how long you have to wait to be seen by your neuro but you could always ring the secretary again and tell her what the GP said and see if she is a bit more forthcoming with the results. Explain the situation and that you’re in pain and the GP won’t give you any meds because you don’t have a diagnosis. Fingers crossed you’ll get her on side.

Hang in there Wendy




I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all your lovely replies. I am a bit annoyed and a bit frustrated…but guess I’ll just have to wait for the results.



Hi Wendy

I refused to go to my GP in 2008, when after a year on steroids I put loads of weight on and asked to come off the steroids as I felt they were masking things and not dealing with the symptoms and I was very unhappy about being overweight as I have always been a slim lady. Doctor told me to ‘go to Weight Watchers’ and at that point I walked out and have never been to him since (this was same doctor who told me that losing control of your bowels at the age of 36 was ‘perfectly normal’).

I don’t think they would say these things if they happened to them. I have no patience or respect for that particular doctor any more, as you can imagine.

Best regards