complete turn around with my gp help!!

helo evevryone,

i havn’t til now,coz i am in an absolute turmoil,after visiting my gp on friday.after having asked would i see my neuro,as i havn’t seen him seen last march,and was waiting for a follow up after spinal lumbar region and cbt with one of his neurolical psychologist,he turns around and says,i doubt very much he will wan to see you again,after your spinal mri,he went on to say,that despite me being ferefered to psychologist with long term neuroloigacl illness,that i have no neurological problems,i tried to tell him,but he wasn’t listening.i left after he wanted to do a chest exray,after me being given an inhaler for copd/asthma.

i cannot believe how he just bashed me with it,i came out feeling overwhemed and shellshocked,so i have got pen to paper and written first to my psychologist,she has gone through cbt with me to accept my condition,even though i am as undiagnosed,without enough eveidence.i feel agin i have been shot backwards after two years with a very passionate neuro ,whom beleived i have ms,but evidence just shown up me as yet.

i feel i will wait for her reply,then i hope to appraoch my neuros secrtary,what would you do? i am feeling totally shattered with disbelief,i feel my gp just doesn’t beleive in ms.

love boz xxx

Boz, has your GP had a letter from your neuro psychologist or neuro stating you don’t have any neurological problems ?

The lumbar spine isn’t part of the central nervous system and MS lesions aren’t usually found here. Other neuro disorders can cause problems in this area.

I would wait and see what your neuro psychologist comes back with and take it from there. I can’t remember your symptoms but there are many other things which it could be.

Jacqui x


I had problems with my doctor…he made me feel like a fool, like I was making things up. He told me I was going through a phase and that because I had no ‘lumps of bumps’…I was a mystery and to go home and come back in a Month.

I changed my doctor. Maybe you should do the same. If you feel you’re not being listened to. I think that is the worst thing ever.

I changed my doctor, and the first time I saw my new doctor (entirely new surgery) I told him that I was disgusted that my old doctor did not listen to me and take me for real…and I also told him that I expect to go to a doctor with my problems…and I expect them to listen and try and help…I DON’T expect to come away feeling worse!

Maybe give it a go with a new doc.

Good Luck.


Sounds to me that your GP is making assumptions that he is not entitled to make! Unless he has a letter from the neuro saying that he doesn’t want to see you again, it is not the GP’s place to make that decision. Furthermore, he is an ass! You’ve been through CBT and he chooses to completely undermine it? I would put a complaint into the Practice Manager if I were you then go and find a new GP who actually gives a damn. (((((hugs))))) Karen x

Hi Boz

Well, being that your GP is just that - a GP and not a specialist - unless he’s already received information (in writing) backing up what he’s told you then I’d either wait for a response from your psychologist and / or contact your neuro’s secretary directly.

As Jacqui said, many things can cause neurological type symptoms which your GP isn’t qualified to either diagnose or dismiss.

As others have suggested maybe it’s time to look for a new GP?

Good luck - let us know how you get on

Debbie xx

Hiya so sorry to hear of your disgusting treatment by your GP…good luck with finding a new one…you can look Gps up and although general some may have a special interest in Neuro/ms so worth looking a the register for this. Also may I suggest you request you look at yor gp notes in the surgery…you are entitled to see them and it would be good to see what correspondance has been sent…and really your gp isnt qualified or experienced to make those sort of calls re future appointments…and I think you should still see the neuro consultant and neuro CBT person…and ideally they should all get together and have a review…even if it is to decide to see you every so often, see if any further tests may be helpful…you know when something is not right…its your body and they are there to find out…and if its not obvious that doesnt mean they should cast you aside either, they have a duty of care…end of!! lol

hello to everyone,

can’t tell you all how much your kind words and advice mean to me,i did wonder about reporting my gp to the practice manager,but then i thought it is a group practice,and i may be seen in a bad light with his other coleages.i can appreciate your sound advice with changing gp’s and i feel when i have some news back from my psychologist,i can then move on to my neuro secretary.i had to go to smart clinic today,diabetes and heart decease,and she is concerned with high blood pressure,i also suffer angina,she putting a request on his notes when i should see him in a few weeks,at the moment the thought leaves me feeling sick,to go back and see him.

i am glad some of my thoughts are shared with you,being how can he say things that i would have thought my neuro and my psychologist would have said to me,and i would have been discharged,which i havn’t .i feel so so relieved reading all your posts,thank god for us all here,i think i would have gone mad.i can’t remember whether i said,but when i tried to explain,that when holding my grandaughter bless her,afterwards when i pick my arm up it shakes,it wears,he said it was not a medically explanable symptom,just me with the iso something cratic ,i am now scared i will never be believed by ayone,he also said there were no ther tests.

thinking about the spinal mri,he said after that one that ,i had nothing wrong neurologicaly,i am really wanting to see my notes as you have said,and complain,and not see him,and i really true hope ,my psychologist and neuro can help me,i did move out of the district to see him,i paid privatley at the start,he then aksed for me to be seen by the nhs,it upsets me so much everytime i think og my last visit.

thankyou so much from the bottom of my heart,i will let you know when i hear,how do i go about seeing my notes from the surgery,as you say he isn’t qualified.even the back specialist i saw ashort while ago quried fibro,with something else underneath,he said his treatment would have made me very ill.i feel just so thankyou i can come here and feel free to say it as it is.

love boz

Hiya…glad you have found all our posts helpful and hope it spurs you on to get the answers you need. Regarding your gp notes, just ring or call the surgery to say you would like an appointment to see your gp notes. As far as I know you can see them in the surgery but not take them out of the building…so they need to give you a space to view them…preferably somewhere quiet and private…hope this helps.


Yep, definitely.

There is only a charge if you want them all photocopied to take away (which for me would have worked out v. expensive - I think it was about 30 or 40p a sheet, and there were hundreds of sheets!)

If you just want to browse them on the premises, there should be no charge at all. I got a quiet office to do it in, and even a cup of coffee on the house!

It took a couple of hours to go through the lot, so allow plenty of time.


hello and thankyou all so much,

i feel alot clearer about how i should try and help myself get through some of this,i don’t think i will ever feel comfortable with my surgeury ever again,whether i can face my gp i think ,is doubtful at the moment,but maybe intime when i have some help from my psychologist ,and my neuro,i ham hanging on til,i get some news.

i do hope i can come back here and let you all know ,it is a brighter picture,iwould like to wish poisonpixie the very very best goodluck with pct complaint and your gp,bless you all truly,really is just the best here with us all,means so much.

love boz xxx