Rant!!! Sorry!! x

Sorry but I feel so daunted!

I spoke to my boss & personnel earlier this week and they were very supportive of me wanting to do a ‘phased return’ to work.

Unfortunately my GP has refused point blank!!!

He totally dismissed all my arguments and reasoning! He said that he understands how difficult it is when an illness like this hits and big decisions unfortunately have to be made.

He said that I need to be focussing on the future and that unfortunately my future includes this illness. He sounded like I would never go back to work again!!!

I haven’t even been diagnosed with anything yet!!

He’s signed me off for another 6 weeks and said we can review it again then.

I read everyone’s stories on here and I know that this is not unusual - in fact it’s the norm - so why oh why can’t I just get my head around it all without everything feeling like a kick in the guts???

Hiya I know you have been feeling down and overwhelmed with all the stuff thats been going wrong with your body.

From reading your posts as a total neutral you dont sound ready to return to me and by going back to work and trying to force yourself to seem and act normal to convince yourself everything will be ok will just make you worse.

Sorry if this sounds harsh but I feel you have got a good gp who can see that now is too early. You posted earlier to someone that you had mellowed into acceptance that this will take time and to go with the flow.

I know its hard being off work and finacially the long term is a worry but your health will force itself to be your priority.There is nothing to do now but accept you have 6weeks off work and not to feel guilty about it.You tried to return but your gp has said no. If guilt is an issue for you you must remember this situation is not of your doing and is against your will and if you could change it you would.

Someone said about your new project could be to continue your help and support to people like us who are newbies.At least you will be sitting down and resting doing this.You are in the slow turning wheels of the neuro system so forget work and spend some time doing you things.

We could do group support choc and wine tonight if that would help

Chin up chuck


Oh Chelsea x thnk you for those hugs!!!

I just wish I could just ‘go with the flow’ and accept that what will be will be - but I’m struggling with the emotional bit so much x

One minute I’m ok - then times like this morning I’m kicking & scraming & climbing the walls with frustration!! Ewww!!! xxx

Thanks Pip & Claire xxx I know you are right xxx I’m just on one!! and it probably won’t be the last eh!

I’ve stopped crying so I’m now going to go into my studio and finish a portrait I’ve left for the last few weeks!

I hate painting noses!!! xxxjenxxx

Hi Jen,

I’m not sure where you’d stand if you did go back to work (phased) despite your doc signing you off for a further 6 weeks. That’s something I think you’d need to look into more thoroughly. I certainly wouldn’t rush into anything on that score. Going back to work too early can be a bad move.

I’m sure your GP means well, but what he said to you regarding ‘big decisions having to be made’ - in my opinion are not up to him to make. They’re choices that only you can make as and when you feel you need to make them.

I’ve not been around much lately cos I’ve been real poorly myself, so I apologise in advance for not knowing your exact situation - but I just wanted to say that how you’re feeling is pretty normal. The ‘not knowing’ is something that’s real hard to get our heads round so please don’t beat yourself up about that - and rant as much as you want, we’re all here to support each other. No need for apologies either cos we all know what it’s like.

I’m not sure how far forwards you are in terms of a diagnosis of any kind but regardless of that I don’t think that now is the time to be making any major life changing decisions anyway. As difficult as it is to do try to go with the flow for now. Try to concentrate on the things that you can do rather than the things that you can’t.

Longterm you may need to make a few adjustments here and there but please don’t think that you’ll have to give everything up because the chances are you won’t.

I hope I’ve helped in some way - pm me in you want too.

Debbie xx

It must be so frustrating for you Kizzy. At least your doctor is concerned for you and seems to want to help you even if it doesnt feel like it now.

Would you be able to do some work from home? That way you could pace yourself a bit.

Sending big hugs your way xxxx

Sorry to joke when you are having a bad day but I have got this image of you doing a Mr Bean to Whistlers mother and doing the nose from hell.

Hang in there chuck


Waaa haaa haaa Pip!!!

With this rather neurotic feeling I’ve got going on I think it could turn out to be a dead ringer for Picasso’s Weeping Wooman!!! xxxjenxxxx

Pip that made me laugh

Jen maybe you should post pictures of a variety of noses and we could pick our favourite!!