Back to Work in the New Year

I’ve decided along with my GP that now I’m managing my symptoms and I’ve got the ball rolling towards a diagnosis of some kind to return to work in the New Year. I’m quite excited, but also a bit nervous at the same time. I’m going to do a phased return to work and will probably have to drop some hours and move to a quieter, nearer shop to home as 3 mile trek on bus is enough to tire me out. Anyone done a phased return to work? What was your experience like?

Tsuki xxx

Hi Tsuki, Good to hear you’ve got the ball rolling towards some kind of diagnosis. I had a major attack a couple of years ago and was off work, so when I recovered I also did a phased return to work. I did the phased return over four weeks, started on reduced hours and only a couple of days then increased the hours and then after 4 weeks was back to normal hours. I would definitely recommend the phased return to work. It helped me so much. The first couple of days I felt so anxious and sick, but it reassured me when I knew I would be finishing soon. I hope it works out for you! X

Hi Tsuki I returned to work at the end of September and did a phase return. I sat down with my manager and we planned the days I would work and the hours I would do. She was great and explained nothing was set in stone so if I was tired or unable to come in a certain day then it was ok to adjust the plan based on how I was feeling. I gradually over the 6 weeks increased my days and hours. Changes have been made to my role as there is some things currently I cant do still but hopefully over time I will be able too. She also put me in touch with access to work who came out and completed an assessment on my work area and they have funded specialist equipment and also contribute towards travel cost as before I was unwell I would get 3 buses to work and with my mobility being the way I cant do that just now so they have helped me with that. I would recommend Access to work if you need any to help get back to work or anything you need to support you whilst your at work. Good luck Polly x

Good luck, Tsuki.

I really hope it goes well for you xx

Good luck I went back after 6 mths off 7 weeks ago ,great feeling I returned on a phase return over 4 weeks and all was good Take care Gray

Good luck! I am aiming for January too on a phased return but feeling scared at the moment. How long have you been off?

Wishing you all the best, Tsuki! Enjoy the rest of your time at home and take things easy in the New Year :heart:

Been off for about 3 months now. Just don’t know how short or long I should do the phased return. My main problem is the fatigue and I don’t want to overload myself too soon. I’m cutting down my hours from 4 days a week to 3 days a week and was thinking about doing it every month taking on a day. I don’t know if it’s too slow. I was also thinking of doing two days a week for a month and then taking on the third after that and see how it goes…

I’m feeling a bit nervous too as I’ll likely end up in a new shop with new people again.

It’s all a bit of an unknown at the moment and I’m a natural worrier so things like this make me feel really uneasy!

Thanks for all the advice. xxx