Going back to work!!

I have had 9 weeks off work and today I went back for lunch and have organised a fazed return. A happy to go back but scared now in case I wont be able to manage. Yesterday i Felt that I would need additional time off work but today , on a good day, have organised it so I return on Monday. I have asked the doctor to review my dosage of amitriptyline as I am still getting pains in my legs. I have bought a walking stick for bad days ( this was a massive decision I made and caused me much grief and upset, even in the shop) I just hope this was the right decision for me. I am awaiting MRI and. Have been told that this should be done in October. Yvette

Good luck.

Good luck! I have so far been off work for 4 weeks but 3 of them were in hospital and I am nowhere near ready to return. I hope all goes well for you and be kind to yourself, I’m sure it will be a bit of a shock after all this time.

Hi evete,

Glad to hear you’re getting a phased return; seems your employer is abiding by the Equalities Act; something all employers should.

Don’t forget you can ask Access to Work for help; diagnosed or not https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work Taxis to and from work if you have problems driving or using public transport; infrastructure; furniture; helper worker to do the parts of your job you find difficult.

This help would come under ‘reasonable adjustments’ http://equalityhumanrights.com/advice-and-guidance/guidance-for-employers/the-duty-to-make-reasonable-adjustments-for-disabled-people/ something any reasonable; helpful employer would be only too pleased to do.

Good luck, Yvette. I hope it works out well for you.

Yvette, if I am not being too nosey, assuming you are not formally diagnosed how have you explained your absence to workmates and what did your med cert say? I am finding it difficult knowing what to say to people.

Good luck hope all goes well for you. I’ve been off work for over 5 months and my doctor puts neurological symptoms on mine as I’m undiagnosed. I had a very physical job that had to be done to a set time scale in a hotel so it is very unlikely I shall be able to return to it. My employer has been great and very sympathetic, and said when I’m up to it I can return and sit and do sewing repairs as I’m also a seamstress. I also have a walking stick. A bright coloured one with flowers on which folds up so I can put it in my hand bag. It’s all about not letting this thing stop you from doing what you want to do. It isnt giving in, its taking control of the situation and just being practical. It has given me a lot more confidence when I’m out, a bit like a comfort blanket. And it stops me from falling over and looking like a drunk when I’m out! Take care

Good luck going back Xx

Good for you in returning to work. Take it steady hun. Pace yourself with work/leisure time.

Hope it goes well and you do sound to have an understanding boss.

luv Pollx

After all that I did not return to work, I fell at home on Thursday and this pretty much shook me up. Another month off work!!! The doctor wrote on my sick note, unsteady gait, pains in the left leg. I have never had so much time off work!! Yvette

Pudding lover, I have spoke to my workmates about my fears of a M.S diagnosis as they have been very supportive and are already aware of most of the problems that I have experienced. My manager also is very understanding and I have had an open and frank discussion with her. It is more difficult to explain to people who ask why I am not at work ie non work colleagues. but i do tell them that said I have neurological problems and that usually prompts a ‘oh’ and end of conversation. Yvette