Finding a way to cope, lol.

Ok, so I have got to the end of the horrible diagnosis journey. It’s horrible and I truly feel for those still on it. I feel bad posting this as, I know when I was focused on getting a diagnosis that was a frustrating journey and very emotionally challenging. But somehow I am finding the hear and now even harder. Sorry everyone who really does not need to hear someone saying that.

Ok, so I am lucky I keep telling myself that but emotionally it is not being excepted. I am able to walk, talk & work full time. Just. I am even succeeding in walking the dog on my days off. I just feel like I am running low on ‘can do’. I am so tird and fed up with this now. It’s like, I have carried on doing everything I need / want to do through a period of illness, but now I feel like my emotional reserves are running out.

I don’t know how to find the drive. I think the fear of the unknown of what the futcher holds is part of my problem. Also the Realizatdion that I need to be more honest about where I am with those I care about. I have told the ‘world’. That I have ms and everyone is doing their best to be supportive, but … I don’t know

Hello Sarah love.

I know, its mind numbing, its a chuff and everything else horrible.

But thing is chuck, we gotta go with it. We cant run away or turn our backs on it. There is a way forward…you have still to find it.

Make use of all help offered. Friends and family are also stuck as to what to do, to say. They dont wanna do the wrong thing.

Let em in. Let em talk. You may not have all the answers yet, but you will get there.

I promise there is still a good life to be lived with a chronic condition.

This forum is chocka with folk who prove that.

I found great help with physios, continence nurses, district nurses, OTs, GP and others.

Take a deep breath and tell yourself you will be ok.

Never beat yourself up for having a bad day. We all have them.



hiya sarah

it came as a shock to me that i am not wonderwoman! neither are you

i cant recommend this highly enough-living with the enemy by ray owen.


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