newly diagnosis with MS

fed up with all…

Mornin anon, sorry to see you fed up, just remember there loads of peole here that care and understand what your going through, and can give you help and support, its not the end of the world - just a turning of the page in the chapter of life. Good luck on your Journey. Frank.

Yep. It sucks. No getting away from it. I still have times when I’m really down about it (normally during a relapse) and I was diagnosed 14 years ago, but the bulk of the time life is really pretty good despite the pills etc. It does get easier to cope with new things as time goes on, probably because we know we’ve done it before, but it’s hard in the beginning. I recommend seeing a counsellor. I saw one early on and it helped me loads. She helped me to face my fears and to understand that even if they did happen, there would be lots of help to ensure that I would cope. And there is, and I have. Almost all of us learn to adapt and cope with what MS throws at us. So, yes, it sucks, but we can still have good lives. It takes a while to get to the acceptance stage. Be kind to yourself and take it one day at a time. You’ll get there. Karen x

Hi Anon,

I’ve yet to find the words that truly describe the emotions that come over us when we’re first diagnosed. All I do know is that people here really understand and that in time, and just like everything else in life, we do adjust and things seem to get easier to deal with.

Take plenty of time to get your head round stuff - don’t rush, do it at your own pace. There’s always help available should you need it.

Above all look after you and take each day as it comes.


Debbie xx

Be good to yourself, yeh? We`re here for you love.


Hello from me aswell.

We are always a good sounding board for all the new emotions.

You can rant ,cry,shout,moan and voice your deepest fears with a group of folk who understand, and have been or still are where you are right now.

Its alot for your friends and family to take on board too,and they need to feel included in how you are feeling/coping,but many people like to sound off on here first,and practice talking about it with (having a brain fart and cant remember the word ahhhhh) uninvolved people.

You may find trying to express how your feeling difficult (as you can see above) and some of the weird sensations even harder, we will understand.

Be kind to yourself and sorry but welcome to our wonderful community.