Hi. I just wanted to apologise for my selfishness on the forum recently. I do read everyone’s posts but my head is a mess and I can’t always think of the right things to say.

I have had sooooo much support and advice from everyone that I feel bad for not returning it at the moment.

So big hugs to those who need them and lots of love to you all.

Aww Nikki

Emotionally we are all wrecks at the moment (particularly me!). You have had a tough week so far anyway and lets face it we all need to put ourselves first at times. Its not selfish at all and no need to feel bad about anything!

Lots of love xx



Nikki my lovely we have all been there xx these things hit us hard sometimes and it's not easy to drag yourself out of it x I'm sure things will get better for you - and then it'll be your turn to support - from a position of strength born of having been there x

I'm being a bit quiet too at the mo (yes I know - very unusual for me!!) But I think I've been so up & down - the emotional peaks & troughs over the last few months have sent me into some kind of numb state!!  - or is it normal?? I've forgotten what that is to be honest !!


The 'oldies' and more experienced of us - come on here to see if we can help.

Don't feel bad about it - when you have a dx you will be able to support and help others when possible.

For now - you need to concentrate on yourselves.  I was too scared to come on here when i was dx as i couldn't bear to read what was in store for me in the future.  I burried my head in the sand and hoped it would just go away. (Only way i could cope with it all)

You are all so much braver than i was.  It took me a long time to come on this site.

Love to all,