Apologies for PATHETIC post

Sorry for post guys being selfish hope you are all doing good.  I was just feeling so alone as I have no family and my immediate familty 2 sons 1 daughter (health visitor) do not understand I do not know where to turn next just wish this was all over and done with could take dx but this going out with stick meeting people OH WHATS HAPPENED TO YOU' I am sick of it I am now like recluse so what is the point.

Has anyone felt like where do I go from here is it all worth it.  You guys have all been great we should all feel lucky to have had someone like Rizzo who answers every post no matter what I do not know how she can be bothered especially posts like this.

Jan (feeling sorry for herself)


Hi Jan, don’t worry, not pathetic at all I’ll race you to the bottom of the bottle!
Know exactly how you feel, was told off by my 8 yr old daughter for falling asleep when supposed to be checking her homework. I know people say what difference is a label, but the label means you don’t have to answer the stick questions. I look like I’m drunk most of the time, embarrassing at the school gate and I have lost friends because I dint talk about what was wrong. We all have bad days, wallow then move on, that’s my motto.
Best of luck,

Thanks Chris

I agree with Chris, Jan.  Sometimes we just have to let it all out.  A bottle of wine and a good boo works wonders for me and there's nothing wrong with feeling sad when you have something to feel sad about. Hope you start to rise to the surface soon hun.

Hugs, Mags xx

Hi Jan

Sending you some ((((((((((hugs)))))))))) so you know you are not alone.

Take care


First of all - there is no such thing as a pathetic post. Not on here.


A lot of us are dealing with very serious, debilitating and painful symptoms. Being overwhelmed with that from time to time is not pathetic. It is absolutely human, normal, happens to us all at times, reasonable, sane, etc!


Clawing our way back out of there is hard, but doable. You've done it before - you'll do it again.


The "Have you hurt your knee? /  What happened to you? / Twisted your ankle? / etc" brigade really don't matter. A lot of them are just nosy. Some are genuinely concerned. Some are just making conversation. Don't let them put you off getting out and doing things. Maybe practice a few replies - "Yes" is a good one to shut them up! I have a friend who makes up crazy answers, e.g. I tore all the ligaments in my right leg competing at the World Karate Championships, I broke my back jumping on a bouncy castle, I can't tell you - I signed a confidentiality agreement, etc! If you have the time and energy, you can always just be honest - this is usually the thing I plump for - any chance to educate! Ultimately, you can just ignore them though. I guess we all deal with it in or own way. If you can find the "first to dance" bit of you again (it's still in there you know), I bet you could have a bit of fun with them (maybe twirling a bright pink stick at the same time?!) :-)


I really hope that operation gets sorted out very soon and that it makes a massive difference. You seem to have been waiting an awfully long time :-(


Hang in there! A better time could come along any day...


Karen x


PS I bother because I know what it feels like, and that even a small gesture can help. More (((((HUGS))))) xxx

Hi Jan

Sorry you’re feeling so low. Just know that we all know how you feel and are sending you (((hugs))).

Hope things improve soon,

Thinking of you,

Teresa xx

Oh Jan, I'm so sorry you're feeling so low - but as others have said, you're NOT pathetic!  We all feel like this at times and this is the perfect place to speak it out as we genuinely understand.

I too have no diagnosis, and struggle with taking my stick out. A friend took me to a garden centre Friday, and I used my stick then as it meant I could walk for a bit longer to look round with her. Then on Saturday I met a friend for coffee a short bus ride away & decided not to use my stick 'cos I was embarrassed. Result was, I struggled walking home from the bus stop & have 'paid for it' with overwhelming fatigue & pain for 2 days.

It's hard, but actually no-one has asked me about the stick yet. I'm sure other people aren't that bothered, but it makes a big difference to us.

I do hope you feel a bit better real soon Jan - do keep coming on here & let us know how you are. It's better to tell someone than keep it all 'locked up' inside you, and we really care.

Take care & sending (((((hugs))))) from me too

Bren x


I use a stick all the time I go out and really don't care what people think. I use it as I've fallen down so many times that I'm fed up with having grazes with blood and the bruises that follow. If people are rude enough to ask why you use a stick just say because I need it. No one has ever asked me why I use it and I've been using one for 3 years now. In this day and age there are so many people out there using them it's becoming common place. So please stop worrying what other people think and start thinking of what you need to do. Remember you are not alone, there are so many wonderful people on here that will give you support.

Take care and for you ((((HUGS)))

Janet x



As Karen has said there is no such thing as a pathetic post on here. I think you will find that a lot of us have wondered if it is all worth it. It’s only after you climb out of that hole [with the help of anti-depressants if need be] that you thank God you stuck with it.

Effectively I am also a recluse. I drive to doctor and hospital appointments and that’s about all. Other than that I read and I am studying some things that interest me through the Open University. I spend a couple of hours in the afternoon in bed - either reading or with some music on…just to waste a few hours. So what? It’s my day. I don’t need to please anyone else.

Why don’t you go up to support [link at top] follow through to free publications and get a few copies of What is MS to give to your family. If they still don’t understand don’t let it worry you. That is their failure, not yours.


Hi Jan, just wanted to add my cyber hugs too, to show you are not alone.

Were all here for each other and share both the ups and downs, which living with this thing` throws at us.

Ive been seen by 13 neuros and they cant seem to sort me out a definite dx.

I agree, Karen (Rizzo) is a great boon to this site.

luv POllx

Pol, I am sad every time I see what you’ve been through but your post has just put the biggest smile on my face. My husbands grandmother used to say what a boon. Good memories flooding back. How life works in mysterious ways!!
Chis x

Hi Jan

I'm a firm believer in the 'better an empty house than a bad tenant' kind of philosophy!!

Don't apologise for 'letting it all out' - that's what we're all here help chivvy each other along happy2

sending (((hugs))))

Debbie xx

Hiya jan

As always all I can say is to second what everyone else has said.The number of responses must show you you do have family albeit of a different kind  but MSers understand.

To open up on here and say what you are feeling knowing it wont offend or be judged is a godsend..and I will pinch some of rizzos responses just for a laugh.

Big hug    Pip