just sad


i'm just feeling sorry for myself. my best friend has just walked out on me and i don't blame him.

i wouldn't want to be with me either. i used to be very active, on the go all day and now i sleep, feel tired ache and get fatter.

i want to be how i was before.


and i've got a 72 year old mother saying she has some size 16 clothes that i can have. sad

we all must be feeling the same today, my mum as given me some big knickers, good god there like a parachute, were all my nice clothes gone, now I have to think what I can put on does my incontinant knickers show


Really sorry to hear your friend has walked out on you, I am a bit confused about the other posts about sizes etc maybe I am missing something.

Keep your chin up


A friend who walks out when you’re in need is no friend.

It is not your fault that this is happening to you after all!

I’m sure better friends are just around the corner.

Karen x

I thnk we need time to come to terms with being ill, Ive gone from someone that knew it all did it all, my social worker calls me super woman i did everything for everybody, not only was I a community carer on call 24?7 Id help the clients out free of charge doing their shopping etc, did all the cooking cleaning for my large family, even did the some cooking for my married son, I was there as a support for all, now Im a little old dodery woman, I couldnt even find the right money to give for my shopping at Morrisons this week, I look a damn mess, where as before I turned head I now turn stomachs[lol]Im still trying to figure out being ill, and I turned in on myslef for a long time, I nearly lost my marriage through i,t all,I think I lost my zest for life, I dont know all the answers all I can do is plough on,