feeling low

hi guys feeling very low today!!! lonely at times it really gets to me that this is it for the rest of my life. sorry to be so morbid but i guess we all do at times. i’m on my own the kids are growing up and doing there own thing! if i feel like this now at 41 what will i feel like later on!!! i can’t get out on my own so spend a lot of time at home. my mobility is very bad every step an effort and can’t do that many. i have good friends and family, but oh i don’t no guess i’m just feeling sorry for myself!!!. well iv’e had my moan and i tried to keep it short. there are others in more need than me. but times it doesn’t feel like it!! :cry:

Hello there! Dont apologise for posting your low mood...we all know how that feels. Been at this game myself for a few years and it can take us all over the place, when it comes to emotions! You say you cant get out by yourself…what about using a scooter? These are available in most towns as Shopmobility…if you can get someone to drop you/collect you, you could enjoy a couple of hours going round the shops, eh? I`ve recently got 2 PAs, via Direct Payments. It has made a huge difference to my life, as they take me out or come to the house to help with personal care/light housework. Any of this of interest to you? ask me more, if you like. luv Pollx

thanks poll, feel a bit better now funny how moods can get you!! i have a scooter but it’s a three wheeled one not very comfy, and i can’t get very far on it. got it for the boot of the car which was great but don’t drive anymore. plus the fact i have fallen out of it 3 times now not great on uneven pavements so don’t like to go out alone! plus the fact my leg will not stay in place so have to keep stopping to replace it!. i’m short of funds at the moment and can’t really afford a new one. i do get the high rate of mobility but with two kids and a house to run and keep warm i’m dreading winter!!! it seems to get eaten up! look i’m moaning again but thanks for the reply x

We all have days/weeks/months like that :frowning: (((((hugs))))) I saw you said you couldn’t afford a better scooter - have you thought about applying for a grant? The MSS does them, and I think some other charities do too. The other thing you might do is join your local MSS branch. They usually have members who can offer lifts to meetings and events - not only would you get out more & do more, you could make some new friends. I hope tomorrow is a better day. Karen x

I can’t help much with advice, but I just wanted to give ((hugs)). As you say, moods are funny, and I think dealing with how they shift is a challenge! I don’t think you need to apologise for letting things off your chest. It’s not moaning - it is just expresing your feelings. There is no law that says we must be permanently happy, cheerful and positive about having MS. It’s OK to feel angry, hurt, sad, and frustrated sometimes. It’s OK to grieve for what you have lost or might never have. At least, that’s what my counsellor says! And if you can’t say what you think here, where cam you? I didn’t read an ounce of moaning or self-pity in your posts. I just saw a strong woman who has a lot on her plate. I mean, 2 kids! That would be enough to make anyone have a bit of a moan! :smiley:

thanks for all your kind words and support moods are very funny thinks i can be laughing one minute them crying the next!!! i burst out crying reading the comments from you all. i no the low times will pass but just find that i seem to have more of them at the moment. i put on a happy face with no cares or worries to my friends and family. i no they worry so much don’t want to burden them any more, but feel sick with worry most of the time money, house work, being a good mum. daft things like my sons footy match that is when i last fell out of my scooter, lots of people came to help! just glad it was not in front of my son. when i finely got to the match it was at the back of a field my scooter really struggled and i was freezing. i haven’t been since and now the cold weather is coming don’t think i will be able to mange it!!! my family could take me in the car but a couldn’t the length of that field. i hate this! i went to the city center with my daughter and scooter on the bus, but the travel sickness was awful . look moaning again but it feels good writing it down, once again thanks for your comments and kind works tracy xx

thanks marie listen to your own advice!!! thanks tracy x