Really struggling today :(

Hi guys, I’m really struggling with this whole thing today :frowning: Waiting to hear from the neurologist still and over the weekend I clearly overdid things (even though I didn’t really do that much!). I can hardly walk today, falling all over the place, really wobbly on my feet, and my hands and arms feel weaker. Went out to collect my son’s birthday present this morning (just round the corner from my house) and lots of people were staring at me like I was some drunk person! It was so embarrassing :frowning: I just want to sit down and cry! Last night my left leg gave out completely and I was dragging my foot around but this morning after a 4 hour nap yesterday afternoon and 12 hours sleep last night it is now a bit better but still weak. I just want to know what is going on :frowning:

Hi littlekit,

Sorry your feeling lousy. Have you thought of a stick to help out with the balance? I have a leg that drags if I walk for more than 10 minutes and find that a stick helps. It took a while mind for me to accept I needed it. I use a fold up one so that I can have it with me and just get it out when needed. It also acts as a visual to other people that you haven’t been hitting the bottle. :slight_smile:

I have, some what reluctantly, also conceeded that for distances or if I need to get somewhere quickly, then I need to use a wheelchair. So far I’ve only used it in locations where I am absolutely certain I won’t see anyone I know. Pride - comes before a fall I’m told - may be literal in my case!

I have to admit the thought of a stick did cross my mind this morning but as you said…pride is a bit of a pain and at 28 years old I’m kinda a bit loathe to get one! Silly I know! Tbh it would probably be a good idea. Do you get problems with balance and dizzyness too?

If I push myself past the 10 min mark then my balance begins to go. A slight bump in the pavement or if it slopes in the wrong direction can be enough to throw me out and once I’ve gone past a certain point that’s it, I’m over unless I have something or someone to stop me. I know what you mean about not wanting to feel old. I’m a bit older than you, 44, but no way I thought I’d need a stick or chair at this age. Its a choice between being able to go places or not though. We went to London for the weekend earlier in the year and there’s no way I could have done all the stuff we did without the chair. Bite the bullet. You’ll probably wish you’d done it earlier!

That’s pretty much what I’m like right now. Something trips me and I’m down. Cat tripped me in the kitchen last week and I ended up crashing into the fridgefreezer cos I couldn’t regain my balance. And I’m also noticing today my typing is much harder. Normally I can touch type with no issues and today I keep making mistakes and having to go back and correct them!

I deleted a whole load of emails at work the other day because my finger got stuck on the delete button. I had to go through 300 deleted emails to decide which ones I hadn’t dealt with!

Oh no! That must’ve been annoying!

Hi, I have been using a stick since Feb and i really find it helps. There is awebsite called Emily Hannah that does osme really nice ones and not too expensive either. The loss of balance/tripping/falling is horrible, i got accused of being drunk at work when I was doing a presentation one day.I think tiredness does make it worse so even if yiu don’t want to use a stick all the time mayne considr it for your “off days”.xx

Thanks hun. Will have a look :slight_smile: x