Having an ostrich day

Been struggling a lot today and have been trying to convince myself that this is all in my head.
I don’t want to have all this I want it to go away so I can be the person who walked 10 miles a day and still had energy at the end of it.

Nikki, I know what your going through Ive been following your story,

and I know you’ve been having it rough lately so keep your chin up

when you cracked that one about your legs dropping off Iaughed me head off and it hasnt been the same since! Cheer up! I bet you look good in feathers !!



Nikki I know what you mean. It's horrible not being able to do things as you should. I use to be able to run five miles easy now I struggle to go up the escalators I feel like my legs are like jelly and I've had the power workout from hell!

Worst thing is when your neuro tells you this is age related - I'm 29. Makes you doubt yourself even more!

Trust your gut instincts and don't give up.

What happened with the opticians visit?



My neuro blamed my age as well, that was what started me doubting myself really.
I don’t really feel any better today having a really bad weekend I can hardly walk today :frowning:

I haven’t done anything about my eye just hoping it will go soon.

Thanks as always for the support

Sorry ur having a hard time hun. I am having one of those days too although i have got my diagnosis.. over 2 months ago now. Still cant quite believe it and its sooooo shocking still.

At 26 i hate not being able to do things i used to


stay positive......i know its hard but we all have to xx

I find myself desperately hoping for a diagnosis. I dont want MS but I need something so I can move forward.

It's hitting me hard at the moment because we have a lot on, sons secondary school visits, dance shows, rock band gigs etc and I just dont have the energy I'm used to having.

Guess I will have to get over it.

Hi Nikki
Your neuo is talking cr** blaming your age. I am 45 have been dx-so what.
If you were like me and put head in sand, judging by today I would fall over :slight_smile: ha
It hits me hard to I have kids at secondary school, dance, play for a football team and train 3times a week. Come the weekend I an shattered but I had the choice o have kids, ms won’t beat me.

Take it easy


Nikki, i understand where you're coming from completely, i don't want it to be MS (or anything that bad), but if we had a name for what is happening, we could at least have a feeling of " ok, thats what it is, now i can move on and get some proper help". Its silly  neuro's saying its age related, it can happen to anyone. I've only just turned 24 and hate suffering for 5 days after 1 day out, when i used to be able to do so much more with little affect. *hugs for you*