feeling really down tonight :-(

Just struggling at the moment with everything. I’m not dxd yet but feel like I’m heading into a relapse. My hands and legs are numb and the pins and needles in my fingers is driving me mad. My balance is all over and my head is spinning I feel like I’ve had a skin full. I’m exhausted but I have a family to take care of so can’t rest. Sorry for the whinge I’m just dreading what’s to come.

I’m still (partly) und’xd, (5yrs now) and it can be, sorry, it IS a bummer!!!

I have been living in denial for a while but am now facing up to things and begining to tell people, which is actually helping me.

No-one knows what’s round the corner, and we could have something much much worse!!! Life ahead may not be as we planned for ourselves, but that doesn’t mean is has to be worse!! Just maybe a bit different!

We all have down days… and I think we are allowed them. I hope you feel happier soon.

Chine up and take care


Hello Anon,

I am dx with SPMS and also have a family. When I feel really bad I tell them and ask for help, they understand and do help. Have you asked for help or just struggled on if so, not a good idea as it only makes you feel worse. It won’t help matters by worrying about what might or might not happen. Take each day as it comes but remember to ask for help. Dust can wait as can a lot of other things, if you don’t feel up to doing something, leave it and ask for that help.

Oh and by the way you’re not whingeing just saying how you feel which is understandable in limboland.

I hope you get a dx soon and start feeling better. Sending (((HUGS)))




I know exactly how you feel. I have been feeling really wretched over the past couple of months. Things have just reallty got on top of me. I take St John’s Wort. This really works for me, I have just upped my dose and it seems to be doing the trick. I am also in the middle of a diagnosis and, I know that this may be purely anecdotal but if I feel symptoms coming on I take cinnamon, 1/2 a tspn daily in hot water. It seems to do it for me.

Janet’s right. Ask for help. Talk, If it doesn’t need doing, leave it. Rest. Be kind to yourself. Take each day as it comes. I have reached out over the last few days and a lot of great support has come my way. I am so grateful. I don’t feel so alone anymore and I feel the weight has been lifted.

Hope you feel better soon.

Adrian x