leaving site

Hi,this site was very good in the old format it seems since it changed to this things have not been the same, i left for several months and i have come back but it still doesnt seem right, i dont know why, people just dont seem to be very friendly anymore i hope it will get better. take care ivan

I’ve only been coming on here for the last month or so, and have had extremely positive advice and support from everyone. It’s such a shame that there seem to be people leaving the forum because of negativity, because I am sure that we all need a boost from others who understand what we are all going through.

I can’t say I’ve noticed much negativity, hope that whatever there is stops, because that’s not what this site is about!

Take care


Hey guys!

Not been on for a couple of days, as been laid up with a bad, rough chest…no, not a big burly fella`s chest…just mine with an infection.

Got the gp out yesterday.she said it isnt too bad and if I was an otherwise fit and healthy bod, I would be able to shake it off mesen! So Im on anti-bs. Feeling better already!

I sound like an old man with the way I cough and gurgle…Sis slept over and said it sounded like the death rattle…oooeerrr!

Anyway guys, cmon, lets get tittering again and be happy.it takes a helluva lot less energy and muscles to smile as opposed to scowl, innit?

luv Pollyxxxxx

Hi navi1 Sorry to hear your leaving the site, I have really found this site extremely helpful in dealing with my diagnosis. I have read some post recently not mines and I have sat and thought to myself that’s a quite abrupt response. I just remember that we are all different and have different experiences and opinions on this illness. I don’t believe that anyone on here intentionally means to comes across unfriendly, the tone of a post can be interpreted in many ways by different readers. Before I joined the Site my G.P did advise me against it but glad I’ve joined. I hope you do return in the future. Polly x