Hi all

Hi all

I was on the old forum for a few months before the change over and really enjoyed the loving and really helpful support leading up to my dx but i got a very vicious negative response 3 weeks after my diagnosis when i was experiencing an extremely down troubling time and when i was trying to get my head around everything so i decided to ditch this place as it really depressed an upset me to the point that i was crying for days on end. This was a really bad point in my MS journey.

I feel a little stronger now and i’m prepared for the negativity and lack of understanding that some well grounded members may have for newbies that are just finding their feet.

I had some really lovely PM friends and i hope to find them again.

I hope that you are all doing well and i would love to chat once more.

Paula xox

Im so sorry you had a negative response on the old forum, it did start to change on there. Shame really cos most of us remember when we were first dxd and what a scary time it was, and want to support the newbies.

Glad you are feeling a bit brighter now.

Must say its certainly not the same as when I first registered, hardly recognise anyone on here.

All the bes.


Hi tipsy

Thanks for your message and yes this place is different! I have checked in a couple of times over the last few months and everything is sooo different; change isn’t always for the better, eh?

Paula xox

Hi, I am sorry you had a bad response. We are a very friendly and helpful lot here, but as anywhere you can always find one rotten apple that ruins it. I hope you get some more helpful replies if you ever need help in the future. I have put a post on here ealier (a rather personal one),and I have had some lovely replies.

I am sure you will find some relly lovely people here

Lynne x

Hi, glad to have you back, I had missed you and was wondering if you were ok. Cheryl:)

"I would totally love a Jack and coke with lots of ice in a tall glass please!

Paula xox"

Hi Paula

You’re drink is ready for you at the bar, we’re very friendly over there.

Somethings when I’m feelimg really sh**ty I can be a bit sharp on my posts

So I hope I didn’t offend you at any time

The ice is melting and diluting your Jack & coke

Right you lot i have tears in my eyes and i’m pouring snot into my melting J&C!!

Verona it wasn’t you, how could it be with your words of wisdom! And Cheryl oh thanks! I’m doing ok, well i’m not actually as i’m pretty poorly right now and laid up in bed. Lynne thank you too for your very kind words.

Hey, i feel at home once again as i have replied to PM posts tonight also. God it’s like the bloodly Waltons on here!!

Thank you all!!

Love Paula xoxoxox

welcome back paula, good to see you here again


p.s. Night Grandma

Jee thanks Willie

So i’m Esther? Who are you?

Paula xox

Hi Paula; I had noticed your absence and am so glad you came back. It is good to see you again,

sorry to hear you’re not so good though

It really upsets me to think that nice people can be chased away by bullies - don’t let them get you down again

KBO Clarexxx

Hi Paula, really sorry you had negative response on here before. Awful. !!!

I feel sure you will find things different now and hope you hang around and give us a chance.

Horrid being stuck in bed… fingers crossed things look up for you soon hon.

Ta ta for now,

Pat x

Hi Paula,

I’m sorry that you got a negative responce. The trouble with posting on forums (and email) is that it doesnt give the writer chance to mull over what they are saying. If I am writing a snail mail letter I tend to take a day or two and read it over carefully before I put a stamp on it. I have been guilty of a harsh post or two because my fingers have worked faster than my brain. I hope that I never enter the realms of the bully (self opinionated twit but not a bully) This forum is like life - there’s more good than bad and I’m glad that you have returned.


Welcome back Paula!

Why some people feel the need to reply to posts with nothing but vile and nasty remarks is beyond me, and I have seen plenty over the 7 years that I have been here. Lets hope those so called ‘people’ are no longer on site.

There comes a point in your life when you realize…

Who matters,

Who never did,

Who wont anymore…

And who always will.

So don’t worry about people from the past,

There’s a reason why they didn’t make it to your future!

Hope you start to feel better real soon!

Take care

Jacky x