Thinking of Leaving Forum

As many of you know after 10 years of using the forum daily I am now thinking seriously of leaving the forum.

I have thought about this very seriously. I have been left with a bad taste in my mouth after one of the good friends I and many of you have made on the site (Blossom/Noreen) has been blocked/banned from using the forum because of unfounded reasons known to the higher bods but questioned by many I have to say. This is a terrible shame as she has helped so many of us during our bad times both in her capacity as being a qualified nurse and also being someone who has MS and understands the symptoms we are suffering with and offering solutions for helping these symptoms. What a terrible loss to the forum.

If I am banned also because of my comments then I wish you well and I want my many friends on here to know that I wish you all the very best for the future.

Shazzie x



in the ‘good old days’ i met some fantastic folk through here and i am still in touch with many but rarely through this site now.

people and their needs are changing constantly. if its meant to be for you then those relationships will continue.

u take care-whatever u do.

ellie x

Hi Shazzie, what is going on? I had no idea that Blossom had been blocked/banned. Why? she wasn’t offensive. It would be a sad loss to loose you also. I have been a member for a couple of years and have always found the support and understanding from fellow suffers helpful. Believe me some of my posts have not been at all positive but to be able to rant/unload/laugh/get information from people who have been there has been extremely uplifting. Why is everything getting so negative? Please don’t be downhearted. Linda x

I missed this too, we all have different views and personalities just because we have ms doesnt mean we are all the same and we have the right to choose whos posts we read and reply to. I always looked at blossoms and im the same with you shazzie, we may not talk but I feel that I know you and respect your view point and pop in daily sometimes just to see how certain people are doing. This site has been great for me since diagnosis in 2012 and I have never had an issue with reading different view point, jokes, etc as it is my choice. I hope you don’t leave as although the people might chance the issues are the same xxxx

It’s so sad it has come to this, I know a few others feel the same. Noreen was like a big sister, waiting to give you a virtual big hug, you too Shazzie. I’ve only been on the forum for 9 months & dx for 7 months. You, Noreen and a few others kept me going thru some really dark months (dec/jan/feb) when I not only had ms to deal with but other cr** as well. Thank you hun.

cannot just create a new profile?

Shazzie, messaging you now, we need to swap numbers just in case! x

I have been using the site since it first started and pretty sure that people do not get banned without good reason. The site exists to help people with MS and from what I have seen such decisions are not taken lightly. You might not like the reason, but there will be one.

Personally, I would ban people who keep changing their name, because I simply can’t keep up.


hi shazzie

i remember blossom and her sweet nature.

like you, i was sad to lose her company here on these boards.

whammel - isn’t it like having new friends every day?

i hope that you, shazzie, stay around.

love all my forum friends xxxxx

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Ultimately, you have to do what’ right for you Shazzie, but I do not believe one person either makes or breaks a forum.

I don’t know what Noreen did to get banned (if indeed she is), and I’m not sure I want to know - or get dragged into a debate about it here. But, like Whammel, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been done lightly - or without due warning, either.

If anyone can’t or won’t play by the house rules, I don’t think you can start making exceptions because they appear to be “a nice person”. Why should someone who has a lot of friends get away with things that a newbie, or someone who hasn’t collected quite so many friends, wouldn’t be able to?

I didn’t see what happened, I don’t want to know what’s happened. I’ve only had it from you that she’s been banned. If I hadn’t heard that, I’d have assumed she probably did get a bit of a ticking-off about something, but stormed off in a huff!

But either way, life…and the forum…goes on. From what I can gather, it already happened some time ago - not yesterday or the day before, so if I’m really honest (which I usually am, as you know), I don’t see the point of dredging it up. Noreen’s a big girl - I’m sure there were attempts to resolve things without resorting to this. If she couldn’t or wouldn’t compromise, that’s her choice.

I don’t think having people boycott the forum in support actually solves anything. But I’m not gonna do a whiny: “Awww, please don’t go!” type post. Not my style, and you have to do what’s best for you. But do consider whether this is really about one person, or more to do with circumstances outside the forum, colouring your view.

Despite your perception, I can’t say I’ve really noticed it take a nosedive these past few days or weeks. It seems much the same to me. Has it changed that much, or are recent unrelated developments influencing how you see things at the moment?




Hi Shazzie

If Noreen has been banned the web team will have had good reason.

Please think long and hard before deciding to leave. Think about not only about what you get from the forum but also about what you bring to it. These things do blow over.

@Whammel. Fess up. I’ve changed my name but only because my first one (on the old forum) was a bad choice, people kept misreading it!



yea whammel

i used to be carole58 (how original)

now i’m pigpen in memory of my cat.

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Ah Carol, I remember you now. I freely admit it’s my failing and people change their names for good reasons and none, but a bit of history can sometimes help with how you frame answers to questions. Well that’s my excuse anyway.

No Shaz, you must not leave us. There aren’t too many of us older ones left. I don’t mean old in age, but in how long we’ve been on here. I talk to Noreen , but I didn’t know shed been banned.???

Please stay! If only for me!



now shazzie

you can’t possibly leave after that heartfelt plea from boudicca.

you can’t dis a celtic queen.

that’s settled. shazzie stays!!

carole x


I have been on this forum intermittently over the last few months, made the odd comment and have learnt a lot. Very sad some people are leaving for reasons I cannot understand…it’s so nice to have this place with lots of people who have just one thing in common: this stupid monstrous Ms! - and while I am at it: is anybody going to Sunday’s meeting in Greyhound Rd, the Annual Spectacular Lunch ??? - Well I intend to go and would love to meet you all in person! Gingerlil

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good point re the new profile. “je suis (ou peut-etre, ‘nous sommes’) blossom”

i think a healthy, non-violent disregard for received authority is a sign of intelligence, especially if the exit polls are to believed…

with my very best wishes and hoping exit is massively wrong, fluffyollie xx

Thanks you lovely lot. (Poll, Carole, Cherrylips. Sonia. Zoe. Linda, Ellie, Annie, Tina, Fluffyollie and Ginger). I was overwhelmed by the replies and PMs. I knew I had friends on the forum but I had no idea how many. I know now.

Poll. I will think carefully, I promise.

Shazzie xx


You are not allowed to leave - we need you here.

I reckon whatever Blossom said to get her banned was not intentional and completely misunderstood. Maybe the moderators need to discuss the matter with her and hopefully welcome her back with no bad feeling as she is so obviously missed. the advantage of this thread is hopefully the moderators will read it and realise that we miss blossom and take action. In the past I have said something that was completely misunderstood by some.

With regard to you Shazzie, we dont want to loose you as you contribute a lot to the forum especially to new members. I reckon you would miss the forum and others would miss you so please dont go. Leaving out of protest like this would kind of be like the saying “Cutting off your nose of to spite your face”.

So I agree with Spacejacket and that you are not allowed to leave.

Moyna xxx

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