Thinking of Leaving Forum

I haven’t been on here for many months (life gets in the way) and I don’t know the lady you are talking about. I too am a trained nurse with MS and for a while was offering support and advice that the moderators felt was inappropriate - as we shouldn’t dish out medical advice for insurance reasons I think. Whether this might have been the cause I don’t know but I know I do find it frustrating and it is one of the reasons I don’t post very often. Just thought I would put that thought out there, once a nurse always a nurse!

Big Jen xx

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Just on name changing…I felt slow and sluggish when first signed on, hence slug, but now it seems a bit yucky, so have thought of changing name but then feel slow and sluggish again…

Hi Shazzie,

​I used to read posts every day, but now only come on about once a fortnight. Typing problems, more work hours, internet off for a month metc etc. Missed all the stuff about Blossom so don’t know what it was about, very sad she’s gone as she used to post interesting stuff and very supportive.

Shazzie, you can’t go, you give so much support to so many people, we would all miss you.

Have a long hard think about it. please.

best wishes

Jen x


why not change to super-slug?

you only need to wear a cape and move faster than the speed of light!

whammel - you are a fellow leftie! good on yer brother!

shazzie - put us out of our misery and tell us that you’re staying - if i have to open my email account i end up with too many tabs open and it confuses my poor brain.

carole x

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Ok Ok Ok, I have given it a lot of thought over the past 24 hours and I have decided that I couldn’t possibly leave all of the lovelies that I care so much about. I need you lot too you know!

I won’t let all the lovely replies go to my head I promise.

There Poll, Carole, Cherrylips, Jen, BigJen, Moyna, Spacejacket, Linda and Ellie, I do do as I am told sometimes.

Love to you all and thanks again. (From me and from Noreen for all the lovely replies and PMs).

Shazzie xx


I’m glad Shazzie hun - I know where you are coming from and I too would miss many on this forum. Hopefully things will lighten up in a bit if we can get some nice weather and we can have some of the spirit of the old forum back again. Its been bucketing down here for hours

JBK xx

Good, glad you’re staying

Sonia x

we need to all stick together.

strength in numbers will be needed more than ever once this re-elected government starts with their cuts.

we support each other through thick and thin.

i’m not afraid of apologising if i think i have offended anyone, it gives me an opportunity to explain more clearly.

i care deeply for my ms family xxxxxxx

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I like it!

poll aka Boudica


altogether now…3 cheers for Shazzer

hip hip hooray

hip hip hooray

hip hip hooray!

For she`s a jolly good Shaaaaazzie and so say all of us!

enough said.


Oh Poll. You make me laugh!!!

Thanks hun!!


great stuff!

Moyna xxx


do you think it’s ok to laugh?

you rebel you!

carole x

You know me Carole!!! Takes one to know one that’s what I say!!


I am not a frequent visitor here simply due to often being too unwell but like someone else said I too have occasionally mentioned some medical advice as like others said “once a nurse always a nurse”

I am appalled to
Here someone like blossom is banned, we are here to help each other aren,t we ???

If it gets to be the sort of forum you can only say PC comments then it is not for me

Hugs to all


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i too have lost faith in this board.

ms is tough enough without being forced to part with a dear friend.

it’s got to the point where if they want to ban me, ok i’ll p*ss right off.

carole x

bloody 'ell! i haven’t been on, cos pain levels went through the roof and stayed there for some time and i would only have done a ‘life… don’t talk to me about life’ thing if i’d come on.

what the hell’s been happening?! i remember the good old days on here, but it’s all change, all the time now.

shazzie, thank god you’re staying, you’re one of those people who lifts so many posts, supports everyone and cheers everyone up. but what’s gone on with noreen, she was a stalwart for god’s sake?


So glad you are back Blackcats. We need you here.

Shazzie xx

the way things seem to be going, we’re all desperately needed. i keep telling everyone on ‘another’ site to come here if they’re going through dx or are newly dx… i’m beginning to feel very tarty in fact!

Thanks so much for your lovely words 2blackcats. So nice!! I wish things were more like the old days too.

Shazzie xx