I am leaving the FORUM.

I wish my account to be deleted.

I will not be baited into arguments.I do NOT agree with illegal drugs and feel this forum promotes illegal drugs.I have BANNED my daughter from this site as she is my carer and she is 10 and should not read that anyone or any website should allow illegal drugs to be discuused and that it is ok to smoke drugs.

She wanted to learn about MS and what help her mammy could get or how she could help and wanted to understand the illness.

I also will add why I am leaving.

Members of this site have searched out my FaceBook account and made fake profiles,sent me threatening inbox messages,relating to canabis usage.They also accused me of being a paedophile and in detail described what they thought I was doing to my own child.

I have tried to report these profiles to FaceBook but they are deactivated before I get a chance to click.

This is disgusting behaviour and I have asked the admin here to help and I doubt anything will be done.

I am disgusted at the bullying and the sickness in some peoples heads.To write such filth to me I wonder what they have in there heads towards children.

I dont mind being banned for my comments just goes to show how paranoid,angry and disgusting people can be when they smoke canabis long term.

I was also told admin shared private messages from me to other normal users of the forum.

As this is a disgusting terrible behaviour I will not be a party to it.It appears anything goes her its a free for all.

The illegal drugs threads should not of beem allowed here for young carers and MS suffers to read they should of been deleted at the start.

Just my opinion.


I just don’t know what to say other than I am extremely shocked by your experience of some people on this site - I’m shocked and disappointed and upset for you.

I’m sorry you have experienced this as I have had some wonderful support from some people on this site. So there are some lovely people and wanted to let you know that there are many of us who offer support and would not dream of sending such awful messages to anyone.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Please remember there are some lovely people on here who are very supportive and reconsider staying to help enlighten these others.

Love and hugs to you and your daughter,

Mary xxxx

I’ve no doubt that you are terribly upset, but please believe me that things will probably seem different after a break. It is a tiny minority of people who have been doing these things - most people wouldn’t dream of it and would have nothing to do with it!

It’s a shame that the MSS webteam can’t find out who has been behaving in this way, but I don’t think they have the contacts or the software in place to be able to. I’m sure whoever is involved would be banned in a second if they did, and quite rightly so. I would also like to say though that whoever told you that admin had shared your private messages was winding you up: there is absolutely no way that this would happen and I would seriously question their motives in telling you this.

I have to disagree with you about being able to discuss drugs on this forum though. Cannabis has a long history of use in relieving MS symptoms to the extent that I would happily bet that there isn’t an MS forum anywhere that doesn’t have threads about it. The existence of those threads does not mean that the people of the forum support using cannabis - some might of course, but some would be just as against it as you are yourself. And without the debates and exposure to both sides of the argument, some people may make less well-informed decisions about whether or not to try it.

I hope whoever is being horrible to you is thoroughly ashamed of themself and stops straightaway, and that you are able to come back soon.

Karen x

Hiya. the more i read these posts about people smoking cannabis the more it’s making me angry!!!

I don’t know if you’ll read this jellybean as you’ve left the forums but i want to voice MY side to this topic. :slight_smile:

I take great offence to you calling all people that smoke cannabis DRUG ADDICTS, my husband has PPMS and late at night when everyone has gone to bed he has a joint to help with the pain, the spasm’s in his legs and to help him sleep…and according to you that makes me married to a drug addict??? Think you need to wake up and smell the coffee (be carefull with that caffine in the coffee though…its classed as a drug)

As for smoking cannabis leading onto harder drugs…yes i’m sure that alot of peolpe started on cannabis then went onto harder drugs BUT they had a choice to say NO, people choose which road they want to go down and also they have a right not to be judged for it especially by small minded people like you!!! For the hundreds of people that do choose the harder drugs theres thousands that either stick with cannabis or leave drugs altogether.

As for you worrying about your 10 year old daughter reading these drug posts are you not worried that she will be reading about sexual problems on the forums ??? Maybe these forums are not really the place for a 10 year old, drug disscusions or not??? MSS do do a childs handbook explaining MS maybe that would be more appropriate.

I think it would actually shock you if you open your eyes and see how many people actually take some form of illegal drug, either on a night out, in the comfort of thier home or wherever it suits them. There are also thousands of people out there that are addicted to persciption drugs…does that put them into the DRUGGIE box???

I think this a very dangerous subject that people have very strong views on…and we should be able to discuss them in a grown up manner, but i think you should definatly NOT judge a book by it’s cover or put certain people into one box as you have… my husband is NOT a drug addict (and i take great offence to you calling him one!!!)

OMG I am so sorry that you have been treated in this way it is totally unaccepable and I hope the admins are able to do something as I dont feel leaving the forum will be the answer. There are many of us here who need the support of each other and have only good intentions who should not be prevented from doing so by stupid idiots who have nothing better to do than to hurt others. I dont know what any one else thinks and I cant talk for them but really guys we all should be more mature than this, we have all got or are affected by a life changing condition which should at least teach us that life is too short, too precious to waste on this nastyness. We need to help each other as in a lot of cases no one else will.Everyone is entitled to thier own opinions and as long as they are NOT hurting others can express them but be nice to each other.

Love and support to all DL xXx


I am sorry to read that you are leaving the forum. Not because I agree with your views, I don’t, but because this forum like all forums whether they be electronic like this, or a group of villagers gathered in the village hall of an evening, benefits from diversity. Your views contribute to that diversity and without them the diversity is reduced.

What has happened to you regarding Facebook is as you described “disgusting behaviour”. Have you thought about going to the police? They are beginning to take this type of thing more seriously now. The recent Fabrice Muamba case illustrates this.

Good luck in whatever you decide.