byebye to a good buddy

Hi gang.

I am posting this thread with sadness in my heart.

I dont want to get into any heated discussions about this, but just want to express my feelings at the fact that a really good buddy has decided to leave the forum.

She has a wealth of experience to share about MS, plus great advice on catheters, urinary tract health, sativex, peristeen and other stuff too.

Her username is spacejacket.

luv Pollx

Oh, so gutted to hear that Poll, me and Shazzie were hoping to find out where Wb had gone to and said we hoped she didn’t leave too :frowning:

Will you send my regards and given that I literally just a moment ago read Shazzie’s message, I guess she’ll want you to pass on her best too.

Sonia xxx

I’m really sad that another person has chosen to leave the forum. As you all may know I myself left the forum a few months ago as was getting a bit fed up of the negativity on here and the nasty comments that were creeping in here and there. I logged back online 2 days ago and unfortunately I feel that things haven’t changed much and am saddened that we have lost woblyboy and also space jacket now too! I’ve been on this forum for about 18 months and originally had help and advice from the more experienced users (rizzo, Geoff, Tina etc) and then overtime I became more knowledgable, found out lots of information and did research and have since parted my knowledge on to new members. It saddens me to say that I too feel I may not use this site for much longer either :frowning:

It saddens me to hear wonderful people are leaving this site, without all of your help I do not know where I would be today having been diagnosed recently and still trying to get to terms with this disease and not really understanding what is happening to me. I wish the people leaving this site all the best for the future and I do hope they will come back again x

Oh Poll.

I am so sad. That is awful.

Like Sonia has said if you do hear from either of them please give them our love.

Shazzie xx

Add my love too Poll,

I will miss Wb and Spacejacket and if you hear what forum they now use can you pm me please.

JBK xx


Do those that leave go to another site, or give up the internet altogether?

please pass on my love and good wishes

carole x

Its a great shame that another experienced forum user is leaving.

All the best spacejacket if its what you really want to do.

Noreen xxx

It’s so sad that people are leaving. I’m undiagnosed but have been on the forum for 2 years with possible MS. I thankfully have never directly had any negativity but understand from things I’ve seen why people want to leave.

It’s a real shame, particularly for us undaignosed or those newly diagnosed as there’s so much we don’t know. I have learnt and been helped so much over the past 2 years by some of the golden oldies on this site.

Please pass my regret on at WB & spacejackets departure.

I don’t know how the issue of bad vibes can be fixed. The only things I’ve seen have been people that have come on here to plant random things for a rise sometimes or people that are just angry because they’re upset / hurting or had a bad experience.

We’re all suffering in one way or another trying to plod along when our bodies are letting us down in various ways, it’s a shame that a few people spoil it for others.

I don’t know what else to say aside from I will try my best to be constructive in comments and give back the support I’ve recieved from many kind members.



A real shame. I’ve read helpful comments from both Wobblyboy and spacejacket. I will be sorry not to read their posts/comments/jokes anymore. I find this forum really supportive - I’m often laughing out loud with hubby asking me to read out jokes and stories. Really helps my low mood. I hope everyone can post positively and even if you don’t agree, be constructive or just agree to disagree. We all know life can be tough and it’s too short for animosity. Here’s hoping they come back soon and no-one else departs. Hugs to all. xx

Poll I too am very saddened to hear spacejacket is leaving the site and many others. She has given me good advice on supra pubic catheters! They will all be sorely missed. Linda x