I am Leaving the Forum.

I wish my account to be deleted.

I will not be baited into arguments.I do NOT agree with illegal drugs and feel this forum promotes illegal drugs.I have BANNED my daughter from this site as she is my carer and she is 10 and should not read that anyone or any website should allow illegal drugs to be discuused and that it is ok to smoke drugs.

She wanted to learn about MS and what help her mammy could get or how she could help and wanted to understand the illness.

I also will add why I am leaving.

Members of this site have searched out my FaceBook account and made fake profiles,sent me threatening inbox messages,relating to canabis usage.They also accused me of being a paedophile and in detail described what they thought I was doing to my own child.

I have tried to report these profiles to FaceBook but they are deactivated before I get a chance to click.

This is disgusting behaviour and I have asked the admin here to help and I doubt anything will be done.

I am disgusted at the bullying and the sickness in some peoples heads.To write such filth to me I wonder what they have in there heads towards children.

I dont mind being banned for my comments just goes to show how paranoid,angry and disgusting people can be when they smoke canabis long term.

I was also told admin shared private messages from me to other normal users of the forum.

As this is a disgusting terrible behaviour I will not be a party to it.It appears anything goes her its a free for all.

The illegal drugs threads should not of beem allowed here for young carers and MS suffers to read they should of been deleted at the start.

Just my opinion.

Hi Charlie! So sorry this has happened to you!! it’s such a shame it’s gone so far xDon’t let it ruin an otherwise solid support system for you xxxjenxxx

hi there

i hope you change your mind and decide to stay, i know how important this place can be for all of us, not just for ourselves but to support each other.

i dont completely agree with you, but you know, it doesnt matter because we have to stand up for what we believe in and i do admire you for that and do appreciate that its not what you want your daughter viewing.

best wishes

mandy xxx

I am very sorry to had read of your harassment. I hope these issues can soon be resolved. Who told you that admin are sharing your PMs with others? I would question that information further. Contact admin on both here and facebook and ask for help in these matters, I am sure they would go out of their way to help stop all ofd this nonsense. Good luck and take care xx Maria

Please see my post on the duplicate thread on Everyday Living

Greg [admin]