So much for empathy and support!

Yes another ‘Anon’ post and it’s the same ‘Anon’ that has started two threads recently - one ‘In the family’ and the other ‘Cowardly Anonymous.’ I am struggling with having one daughter confirmed m.s. and the other well on the way to being confirmed as having m.s. This as well as having a son in law with m.s. as does his sister. Plenty of grumbles about posting ‘Anon’ plenty of posts from individuals who say there is no m.s. in their family. One poster even going as far as to call me a coward for being ‘Anonymous.’ But no empathy, no supportive messages. (and if anyone is interested in why the ‘Anon’ then read my last post in the ‘In the Family thread’)

hi anon

i saw the reply saying it was cowardly to post anon but i hadnt seen the original thread.

dont take it too personally because the person who made the cowardly comment always replies to posts and tries to offer sensible advice.

having ms attack your daughters is a huge problem.

i can’t offer advice because i dont trust my own advice!

so you have my empathy

carole x

I don’t have a problem with some-one posting anon - there can be several reasons for it and yours is a good one. I’m with Carole in that I do not have any advice to give you, I wouldn’t know were to start. But I’m still crossing my fingers in the hope that your youngest daughter manages to escape this horrible illness.

My support and my empathy are yours hun, as they were in my reply to your previous thread (sorry if it didn’t come across). Just as I will give my support and empathy to everyone on here who needs it and it sounds like you need all the hugs you can get. Usually I tell people that psome-one here will have been through it before but your situation does sound like a rare one.

If you feel the need to rant and rave and scream at the world then feel free to PM me anytime - I can rant and rave and scream with the best (fighting Irish blood and all that) and I will NEVER break your confidence.

I wish you and your family luck and good health (the MS version)


Kelly x


I personally am struggling with my ms, but could not imagine my offspring struggling with this too. It must tear you apart as a mum or dad.

You totally have my empathy, just wish i was good with words.

My username is my name and age plus thats <------------ a pic of me so the anon button can come in handy when things are personal.



Hey Anon

Its completely understandable why you don’t want to let too much info out on an internet forum.

I have only just been diagnosed with MS. I have found this site really helpful and supportive and I am sorry that I didn’t see your earlier threads. As a mum myself, I cannot comprehend how you must be feeling at this terrible time.

I empathise with you, its a lonely place when there are so many things to worry about.

Don’t give up on this site. There are lots of amazing, kind, friendly helpful people on here.

Asher xxx

I think I did respond to your original message hun. Saying what a shocker to have all that m.s in one family. I hope you are all fairly well and managing as best as possible. I think I said in my reply I have a four year old and when he mentions just a sore leg, my heart sinks and I panic so I do feel for you. Sorry if that didn’t come across inmy message as I would hate for someone to leave the forum through lack of support. It’s a great place it really is. Oh and my grandad has m.s so it is in my family hence why I worry about my son. Xxxx

Hi, you have my empathy too hun.

You`ve had some kind replies and I hope this has restored your faith in the goodness of this site.

I`ve been a member here for several years and always find good support and try my best to offer the same.

When MS is prevalent in one family, it must be so hard to cope.

Sending warm hugs to you.

luv Pollx

Hi Anon, my youngest daughter (16) was diagnosed a few months ago and we are all devastated. I have another daughter (22) who I worry about, she is not showing signs or symptoms or anything to suggest she is unwell but I still worry. If she has a headache my thoughts go immediately to MS. We have no history in our family of this, my daughter is the only one. I can’t imagine how you are feeling or how you manage to cope. I wish I had some advice that would help but all I can offer is my sympathy, empathy and warm wishes. I hope your other daughter gets good news and it is not MS. Big hugs Linda x