Thinking of Leaving Forum

lf you were running this board - thats all of you - what changes would you make for the better.

l feel we do not need all these different forums. Why should we have the Asian group seperated from EL - and the young/newly diagnosed all need to be with EL to experience all our knowledge and compassion.

l would like to see a seperate forum for ‘Funnies’ - and one for DMT’s - and another for Bladder and Bowel problems. Then we can look up exactly what interests us. For the lucky ones who do not have the B&B issues - they need not be kept reminded of it. And us with PP/SP/ MS need not read about the problems - and there are many - of DMT’s.

Perhaps, it would be easier to moderate -and people would feel it is more like the old board. And as for banning folk - well l think we should be given the option to decide.

Nothing like marking your own card!!!

I totally agree with all you have said F, especially the penultimate paragraph.

One more thing. I would like to see a Secondary Progressive Forum.

Shazzie xx

the facebook group is the best!!

At the end of the day ( start and middle too ) we all need a bit of help. cheer, advice etc sometimes so I really wish things would settle down and be positive like a forum should be.

It is fine to have a good winge, ok to be down sometimes, we are only here because we know it helps…what IS the big deal.

Sad when peeps who try to help get put off posting.

Very sad,


In response to Spacejacket’s comment about there being a separate ‘Asian Board’.

I remember when the idea of having a separate ‘Asian Board’ was mooted. There was a lot of opposition from regular users about this and people who objected to the setting up of a separate board were accused of racism and a number of those who objected were banned for what was perceived as racist attitudes.

I recall it got quite nasty.

Krakowian, I was a Moderator when the Asian board started and as far as I remember, no-one was banned for racist attitudes.

It was set up as there was a demand for a place where our Asian users could discuss issues particular to them such as family attitudes to an MS diagnosis, which folks from similar cultural backgrounds would understand. This is not discrimination, or treating people differently, but providing a service. Some posts requiring empathy and support were getting lost in the faster moving boards back then and it was rightly felt they should have their own board to use if they wanted to.

JBK, if there had been a demand for an Arctic forum, I’m sure we could have looked into that. Everyone can post on every board. I would say that is treating everyone the same - the other boards aren’t closed and no-one is limited as to where they can post.




thanks Val -

I recall posting a message supporting the idea of having a separate board for Asian MSers - if I remember correctly I was one of the few who supported this. I took the pragmatic view that the board should exist and would flourish or wither depending on the number of users.

There was a genuine feeling amongst many on this site that there shouldn’t be a separate board and accusations of racism were made. I was under the impression that some people had been banned - certainly some people were aggrieved that their view that there shouldn’t be a splintering off of this discrete group was perceived as racist.

i have a few pakistani friends and their culture is certainly difficult with an ms diagnosis.

one friend has a close extended family who all blame her meds for everything.

she smiles and stays patient but gets frustrated.

so i would have supported the decision to have a separate board too.

tbh i really don’t care how many boards there are.

i mainly use EL but also have a peep at the young folk and the newbies.

​carole x

I’ve not been here long i would just like to say a big thankyou to you all that have given me advice and are keeping me going through my painful journey.And pigpen my name is in memory of my cat too who passed on in November 16 years old.A big thankyou

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Hi Shazzie,

Just dipped into this post, I’ve been around but not been keeping too well.

Glad you are staying. you’ve been a good support to me at different times along this MS road that we are all travelling.




Hi Jools. Thank you for your kind words. Means a lot.

Sorry you have not been keeping too well.

PM me if you fancy a chat.

Take care of yourself sweets.

Shazzie xx

I used to come on here alot but I only drop in now and again to see whats happening the last few times I’ve dropped by there always seems to be some of the people that have been here a long time they’re either left or leaving it seems to be the fun light hearted ones :frowning:

I belong to a couple of closed UK MS Facebook groups that are for the treatment I’m on they have the fun but also serious and helpful sides.