Just wanted to say hello-i used to come on here (under a different name) and have been feral for a couple years.had some great advise from people here and I hope I can be a help to others here as well. im just coming to terms with having M.S after a very long time of trying to be the person I was. its come as a bit of a shock-weirdly!!. it feels a bit like a friend is dying and I cant stop it happening -but at the same time a new friend is being born but I have no idea who they are and why we will have anything in common at all. 

   I hope you are all having your best day yet

todays therapy has been throwing rocks in a frozen pond- smashing!!

BC xx

Hi - in reply, You can come here and throw rocks into our duck pond. lts frozen over and the ducks are very fed up. l have taken some fresh drinking water down in a bucket - but they are not content with that - they want to immerse themselves.

Don't be a stranger - we need all the members we can get. This new site has upset so many - who find it difficult to cope with the change.


What a great analogy! I’m sure you’ll love your new friend. It’s still you after all

Welcome back

Karen x

Cheers loves,
Have text some friends to tell them how I’m feeling-but have specified no gushy heart to hearts at the mo-goodness I make it hard for people to love me…lol.I can’t express enough how fantastic the ms support line is-I feel very calm and empty today-never felt like this before.looking forward to a week off work next week.get to know me a bit more.feels like a huge pressure has been taken off me-like I’ve been carrying 2 people around and trying to be both.I dont need to do that anymore-I just need to be me,now to find out who I am!!

Hi, I reckon your`s is a pretty good description of how we all feel…dual personality-ish!

I feel like a 1000 piece jigsaw with a the last vital piece missing!

That`s courtesy of a useless neuro dept and the numpty neuros they keep there!

Hang on in there, yeh?

uv Pollx

Hi Poll,sarah

I look forward to being here-and hope fully give as many virtual hugs/cups of tea and laughs as i receive 

got to go and do a demo in front of 20 people this evening and im really nervous

I think, they think, im going to be brilliant- I know im going to be a bag of nerves and end up sewing myself to something.

at least it will be some more coffers in the M.S branch pot.

BC xx

Good therapy!

Nice to have you with us.