Been avoiding the forum :-(

I decided to stop posting as I there was no way at all I could possibly have MS. It just doesnt happen to people like me so there is no point continuing down the diagnosis path.

After the last couple of days I think I may have been in denial The pins and needles are back with avengence and I just feel week all the time and as for cognitive function…what cognitive function?!

I’m so fed up with feeling ill I guess I thought if I ignore it it will go away but it hasn’t worked and I realised I really need the support of people who know what it’s like so hopefully I can return to the fold.



and welcome back!

I too feel like this…I have not been dx yet…most days I feel rubbish.

I think Its nice and also comforting to come on here and feel that at least you’re not alone with feeling the way you do…(sometimes I feel I’m going mad)…Its such a shame that people could not meet in person and that we can only ‘talk’ on the forum.

Take care,

hope you feel better soon,


We welcome back Frank.

Good to have you back Nikki. Regardless whether MS ends up being our end diagnosis this place is for people like us who have neuro problems that other people just wouldn’t understand. X

So glad to see you back :slight_smile: Sam x

I thought it had been quiet


Hi Nikki, what I meant to say earlier was welcome back without the stutter . I was on the move an was russian. I’m having a fairly quiet day baby-sitting a big sof lollapy grey hound that looks like santas little helper. Its funny I was only thinking I hadnt seen you for ages and you come back same day. Nice to see you F.

Thanks for the welcome back everyone (Well except Deb ) I know this is the best place for understanding and support.

Frank is that the greyhound in your pic? I have a big soft lollapy lurcher sprawled out next to me and a psycho cockapoo trying to kill a plastic bottle at my feet

Wendy your right, I have felt very alone with this and this place is a godsend.


Welcome back Nikki!


Yep thats the one, I found out hes half lurcher too he runs faster than them jamaican fellas ! F.

I also think hes mad as a hatter ! Frank

I feel pretty much the same!! It’s bloody awful isn’t it!!!

I’m undx’d, in denial, and try not to think about it… push it out of my mind, avoid this forum and anything to do with MS on the internet, but then the symptoms are still there…

So I come back on here, but stay quiet and read through other posts… still trying to avoid posting… but I alwyas succumb and I am so grateful to this forum as every time I have a question, no matter how long I’ve been away, there is always the wonderful support from everyone on this fabulous forum.

I don’t know if I have MS… I may, but then again I may not… but the support is the same no matter what!! So thank you everyone!!!

Weclome back!!


Thanks for the welcome back you are all so lovely

Had a hectic few days and I’m really paying for it now Am off to see my GP tomorrow to talk about my past neuro psych appointment and getting a second opinion. She is totally on my side which is great.


Good luck for tomorrow. Sam