Just my opinion

Hello guys

There seems to be quite a few leaving this forum because they are unhappy with the unfriendliness of some responses they have been getting, or witnessing it between other threads.

I personally have noticed that some peoples response have been unhelpful and unkind…why do you bother if you’ve nothing constructive to say??

We are all on the same journey with are own personal struggles…this is not a competition!!.

If you can’t join a thread and give helpful sensitive advice to the person asking the question, then maybe you should consider keeping out of the thread. Also be big enough to see when you have gone to far on a thread…what you do about it is down to your own consciousness.

And when you also join a thread, accept that we all have differences of opinions and thats what debate is all about.

I personally have no intention of leaving…its a lovely forum and the majority of people are great.

Noreen xxx

PS: This is just my opinion, please respect it xxx

PS: I’ve just spotted my own big spelling mistake…nearly wet myself laughing

Lol…play the game and spot it yourself

Knock yourself out Jen lol…but I won’t remember

I can’t see it either :-/ I notice other threads where people are saying there leaving - how very sad. This is supposed to be a place where we can come and off load about our everyday struggles/problems afterall everyone here knows how hard it is dealing with this disease. I was a member over 19 years ago and left for that very same reason of negativity, unhelpful responses etc. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve now met two lovely members after re-joining just over a year ago on here that offer me strength support etc etc as do I them I’d be off again! Sue x

We are living in an unperfect world…their are more lovely positive people on this forum…I’ve been talking too them for months for goodness sake.

I always send up a prayer for negative people…they must have a lot of sadness in their life. I count myself as one of the lucky ones.

You’re only missing one little ‘o’ :slight_smile:

I have registered elsewhere now, as there are people I’ll miss BUT I’m not leaving.

I think part of the problem has been the odd comment clearly meant kindly i.e. in defence of someone, where the poster hasn’t recognised that defence just isn’t needed and the people they are talking about are friends, so don’t need any intervention :wink:

Storm in a tea-cup!

Sonia x

I respect your comments Sonia…now we are having healthy impartial debate.

Stil not spotted my big mistake though Lol

Scrap last comment…should have said its good we are having an healthy debate about it…please lets keep it that way.

Noreen xxx

The trouble is that on an open forum you are going to get differing opinions and some of those are bound to be negative, which is not necessarily a bad thing. I prefer to turn it around and say “if you don’t think you are going to like the answer, then don’t ask the question”. Surely an honest reply is the best one?

Alternatively, the trick is to recognise when an individual is a little fragile and phrase your reply accordingly, or, as a wise woman once said to me “sometimes it is best to just sit on your hands”.

Wisely said Whammel :wink: x

I haven’t spotted it either. The only thing I can see is are own personal struggles instead of our own personal struggles.

Have I won the prize??

I agree with what you are saying though sweets.

Shazzie xx

my granny always said ‘if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all’ but I do hate seeing some-one get picked on. And I have seen some threads where there is most definitely a mob mentality picking on one person.

But thankfully for the most part we are all adults and are generally helpful and supportive

Now spelling spoiler alert

Did you mean conscience instead of consciousness?

Do I get the prize? - what is the prize? - is it chocolate?


Conciousness instead of conscience??? I’m sure someone else will have spotted this by the time this post appears cos I always seem to be put in queue for moderation!!!

Ooops!! Sorry Shazzie

Its not a spelling mistake. Its a word I’ve used that means something else

But thanks all for pointing out all my other little mistakes…feeling really good now lol

Well done tay…virtual chocolate on its way

sorry!! only had cake

Whoop whoop!!!

I’m sorry JBK, you did win the competition by two minutes but I’m afraid I warded the virtual cake prize to tay

You can have guitar instead

but I’m tone deaf!!! I’m sure tay won’t mind sharing the virtual cake. Cause if you share then the calories don’t count. Even virtual ones will probably add a few pounds to my JellyBelly