3 weeks on...

Well almsot 3 weeks on and I still have the remnants of my chest infection thing. I threw up on friday I coughed so much. Its damn persistent.

My new R sided symptoms seem to be settling though I’ve still got pins and needles in my L foot and L hand and feel a bit butter fngers with it. Also very tired - 7/8 hours sleep just doesn’t seem to do it. Still occasional heavy arms.

I really hope I’m over the worst of it and on the mend. Just want the numb L hand and parasthesia to go. Sewing, opening plastic bags to pack our lunches, any fine motor skills are just a bit of a nightmare. Not that I can’t do it but I feel like it’s a struggle.

Going to Cyprus in under two weeks and aside form the slight worry about heat I’m really looking forward to a break away with my family so just want to get well again for it.

Got my second neuro opinion when I get back from holiday middle of august - so something else positive too so I musn’t complain.


Hi Reemz

Just the thought of a great holiday will boost you although I always get anxious about going away, I worry about long queues at airports or having to stand for more than 5 mins but it will be worth it when you get there.

Hope you have a great break and like you say a second neuro to go to when you return - fingers crossed, let us know how you get on! Dianne x

Hi Dianne

Yes I’m in count down mode now. Only bad thing is I’ll miss my partner but it’s only 10days.

I’m trying not to think of suitcases, waking up at 3am to go to the airport and the rest. Hoping I will be okay and once I get there I can just kick back and try and relax.

I’m over the worst me thinks with my symptoms touch wood I think so the small things I guess I shouldn’t complain. I guess it’s frustrating as all of this had gone after my frist episode. I can only hope it will all go again once my health is completely settled.

Thank you again.



I was only thinking the other day that you seem to have gone quiet on the forum, I was a tad concerned I have to say.

Glad that your over the worst of it and hopefully a good holiday will allow you to recooperate fully.

3 weeks of chest infection etc is enough for anyone to have to endure let alone the complications that you’ve had to suffer.

Make sure you rest up too so that you can enjoy your break when it comes

Mandymoo xx

Thats so sweet of you to worry - thank you

Yes - I’ve been hibernating and taking it easy - going to work is enough to take it out of me at the mo. Thankfully on the mend. Was really worried last week as my arms were heavy and had a few symptoms on my R which I haven’t had before (all my other symptoms have predominantly been L)Thankfully they seem to be subsiding and only left with the Left ones I had on my first episode.

All the family are dosing up on cough meds and flu stuff as they want to make sure they are clear so when I go to see them and away on holiday they don’t pass anything to me. Bless!

Just over a week to go now … can’t wait :slight_smile:



If I don’t get to chat before your hols, have a fab-u-losa time!!!

Mandymoo xx

Thank you, hope your eyes feeling better. Let me know how it goes if you managed to get seen.

(((hugs))), hope you have a lovely holiday, i am goin on hols in mid august and am also scared about the heat even tho its just in the UK, as apparently summer is coming back!


You deserve a lovely break.

Cough sounds horrid though. Been going on aaaaaaaages!