Almost there...

Just under three weeks until my second neurology appointment and just over a week until my CFS/ME group therapy finally begins. Add to that the fact that the PIP Decision Maker will be phoning me in the next few days to try and justify why they refused my claim and you could say that I’m a bit nervous.

Add to that a stinking cold, fatigue forcing me to slow right down and a bad mood not helped by other half’s lack of tlc. I’m in need of some positive vibes.

hi reikiblossom

your cfs/me group therapy will be great.

it’s good to meet up with others who understand what you are going through.

i’m lucky because in my area there is a group of neurological physiotherapists who run groups for people with neurological condiditons.

so i have a gym session each tuesday and hydrotherapy each wednesday.

​the best part is meeting with the others.

following your first group meeting you will probably be feeling more positive which is a good way to be for your neuro appointment.

can’t help with the lack of tlc from your other half - thats just par for the course - MEN eh?

carole x

Hiya Reiks, oh chuffin ell and eckythump that so much `orribe stuff is flying your way right now.

Just sending a cyber hug my lovie.


BIG mahoosive hugs missus. Hoping the colds easing off for you and send your hubby a cyber kick up the ass from me (and captain mal) for his lack of TLC.

I know it can be hard on the other halves too as my little puddytat lady struggles at times but still he should be looking after his better half.

p.s. carole!. OI!!. we’re not all that bad us men!!! :wink:


Thanks folks. I’m still fighting this cold and it was been joined by an eye infection, for which hubby came to the rescue with medicated eye drops and his careworker’s training on how to use them properly, so his honour is restored :wink:

Carole - yes, I’m looking forward to meeting the group and getting a chance to express both how I’m struggling and how I’m doing my best to help myself. I’ve booked my little purple dial-a-bus to go practically door to door, but there is a fair bit of waiting between bus changes and I get there way too early, so a two hour session means a whole day out.

Polly - for calling me ‘lovie’ and the cyber hug, a big smile and hug for you in return x

Mick - haha! Browncoat solidarity :wink: Actually, you’re right, it is hard on the partners. Hubby developed a horrible cough too but carried on working anyway (being careful not to pass it on). We had to get a new car recently and he made sure that the boot was big enough for my wheelchair. There are days of grumble but generally, I’m one lucky gal. :slight_smile:

I went to a birthday party in a restaurant on Friday and it was too busy, too crowded and the music was way too loud. My overstimulated brain retaliated with a resurgence of involuntary movements and pumped up the volume on my tinnitus. Still…lovely to see everyone and the food was good. Myoclonic jerks have calmed down again but the static-y hiss is not fun, interfering with my hearing a bit.