I'm Back! :-)

Have moved house and now back up and running with t’internet!

Will try to catch up with how you all are. Have I missed any gossip or big news?


Hey Deb

Good to have you back!

Gossip wise we have a few new people. Tom - I don’t know if you remember him he’s back. Their is an issue with magic pants and erm itching.

You’ve heard some of my news but I also had my second opinion which started disastourously but in the end though my MRI is almost normal and only small issues on neuro testing the neuro felt I wasn’t depressed or anxious yipeee and that my symptoms fitted in with MS. He’s referred me to an MS specialist and is seeing me again in 3 months. So at least I was believed and I’ve moved forward a little.

How did the move go? Good to have you back :slight_smile:



Hey Deb! Welcome back & good luck in your new home!

My news is I’m now 50!!!

Welcome back…no news is supposed to be good news but in my case isnt.

I still havent heard re pension and only 6wks left before I’ve been off 12mnths,and the neuro they are moving me to because of area shake ups cant sign my copaxone!!!

Hope you new house soon becomes ‘home’ and that you stay well