One of those weeks

What a weird old week I’ve had. Back came the intense sweating all over. It felt like a fever, but no feverish ness? Then, spongy floor feeling and dizziness…not had the sweats in ages, and the dizziness has been with me a few weeks on and off. So a rather funny old week. Muscle spasms are back a little. I’m just keeping my eye out for the rigidity. Last time it happened it was turning my left leg inwards, I couldn’t stop it. My hip, knee and ankle were so sore when it was happening, so I think if that sets in again I may try steroids. I’ve had them so many times for Crohns that I’m reluctant but as this was so disabling last time I think I could be tempted :wink:

few new members this week too sad to say. I mean, lovely to get new members, but not for the membership reasons :s have a great weekend all. I’m having a more relaxed one as I’ve been mad busy for the last 2 months. I did a bit of baking today…coconut loaf, very nice. Okay…twist my arm, I’ll have piece on your behalf :wink: xx

hi beverley

sweating is no joke! i had it mildly when i hit the menopause but ms makes menopause look like a picnic!

that hot weather was horrendous, thank the lord its gone.

keep an eye on your spasms and check your meds are right for the rigidity.

my neuro put me on tizanidine and it really helps.

hope you enjoyed my piece of cake!!

carole x

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Hiya cheers, the cake was delish ;). I’m gonna done the drs and try and get in tomorrow as I’m thinking I’ve got a chest infection :s plus, I can ask about all the rest while I’m there. Hope you’ve had a good weekend xx

ha ha! have i had a good weekend - ask me when i’ve sobered up!

it’s not big, it’s not funny and it’s not clever but i admit it, i’m drunk!!

carole x


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