in agony :-) First proper day sick

So took my first proper day off sick since the whole thing started. This chest infection throat thing has really knocked me sideways. It hurts to hold my head up and the pains radiating down my neck to my back, my hands feel stiff and hurt, my arms feel like they have bands of pain and lifting them is a joke, my legs feel like I'm wading through quick sand they're so heavy and stiff. not to mention the symptoms of the chest and throat and the other normal pains I usually have.

I'm popping co-codamol like penny sweets and they do little all. I feel like crying. I'm such a productive person I hate sitting in one place or just lying down. I have so much stuff to do as well but can't seem to face motivating myself as I'm in so much pain. 

Sorry so frustrated - just feeling sorry for myself. 



sorry that should be a sad face - my fingers hurt typing and I pressed the wrong key!

Sorry to hear you are not well Reemz

When I had a chest intention a few months ago it played havoc with my symptoms too, like you said my finger actually hurt.

Watch some trashy T.V and keep well as you can. Do you like Big Brother? It always makes me chuckle, eviction night tonight so there should be fireworks. Though I will be in bed by then I expect.

Tc Ppx

Oh Reemz, look after yourself hon.

I had a chest infection a year and a half ago which I tried to ignore and ended up with pneumonia … which may be what has caused my body to go all wonky now. So you must be good and not do anything except rest. It’s bad enough to have an infection without all the other rubbish thrown in for good measure.

Really rest up and drink lots of fluids. Trashy tv is prescribed but must be administered with a large duvet to prevent side effects.

(((hugs))) and lots of sympathy.


Well got an early night and got up lat this morning - almost 12 hours of sleep which I haven't done in ages. The throats feeling slightly better but  chest is still tight, legs, arms and neck still not to great. To top it off I'm getting cabin fever - my poor partner's having to put up with my mopping and whining. Gonna try and take a bath. Thank you for the thoughts guys Reemz.X

Infections and viruses can play havoc :-(


Think of it as working hard at beating the infection!

Karen x