Feel like I'm buzzing and fizzing and hit by a truck

Hi all

Well my colleague's managed to pass on his damn dry throat and chest infection thing to me. My legs started buzzing again and my legs just feel stiff and tired. My arms feel like they're full of lead again and anything that require's me to lift my arms (which is quiet a lot at work) is a lot of effort and not comfortable. I feel like I have this invisble force pushing ym arms down. My neck stiffness is back as well as my burning pain and the odd stabs in my eye and tongue. On top of that I feel so tired. Went bed at 10.30 and up at 7 and still felt like I'd barely had 5-6 hrs. I forever seem to be battling to get enough rest when a year ago I was going to bed at 12/1 waking at 6.30 ands feeling marginally tired.

Feeling sorry for myself. Can't wait to get home from work - I wanna huddle under the duvet eat chocolate and watch some mindless crap but was meant to be meeting a friend whose partner has just been diagnosed with cancer to give some support to her. Think I'm going to go for one non-alco drink and then come home. I'll feel bad if I don't meet up but think I'll fall asleep at the table if I stay for dinner.



Oh poor you - horrible isn't it!

I'm fairly well at the moment (after a really sh*tty two weeks last month which led to steroids) but I hurt like hell in my right leg muscles, they're so stiff and achy. My fizzing and burning never goes however well I feel generally but my energy levels are vastly improved - whether that's the steroids or not I don't know. 

I really hope you pick up soon but don't don't don't suffer in silence, ask for help from your GP if you need to. 

Big hugs to you xxxxx

Oh no, and particularly difficult when you're trying to be supportive to someone else but could do with some TLC yourself. The steroids won't have helped, your immunity will have probably been shot. Look after yourself.



Thank you. Yes just feeling damned sorry for myself but my friends in a worse situation with her partner so have to be thankful that at least what I have isn't life threatening.

Had chocolate, a glass of wine and now in pjs. Minless crap on TV here I come :-)



Good girl! Take care - let us know how you are tomorrow x

Well it's tomorrow and my legs are like lamposts. It hurts so bad I feel like crying. Went to work this morning and came back home after half day as I'm in agony and can't sit still. My legs are so stiff and feel like they're on fire with the burning pain.not to mention the rest of me that's still like a constant bottle of champagne fizzing and aching.

My partner for the first time last night thought about the serious longterm implications if my symptoms got worse. I'm sure it's been at the back of his mind but he said ' what will happen if the lead arms get worse, do you think you'll still be able to work?'.I said to him well it's not like I can't lift my arms - it's an effort but as long as I can I'm there.

It's horrible thinking I've dedicated 7 years of study to my career and then something like this could take it all away. I guess him saying that made me think. I'm not someone to give up unless I physically can't do something or I'm putting others at risk. My managers also really supportive which helps. It is a horrible thought though.

Anyway before I get ahead of myself - First thing first I need to get rid of this chest/throat thing so I can go back to my 'normal' version of pain.