not DX yet but feeling awful! all started 3 wks ago with ON:(

Hello everyone:) im new to all this so please bear with me!

i lost colour vision in my left eye and it became blurrred and painful on th 22nd July, went stright to docs and was sent to hospital that afternoon for an emergency eye appointment. I didnt think anything of it until i was diagnosed with Optic Neuritus,

My mum has MS so this turns out why i was sent so quick! i didnt go straight onto steroids as it wasnt to bad but 4 days later i could bearly see so had a short course of steroids, which has brought it back but not fully!

during this time i have also suffered the feeling of shaking but not visibly! this has been less noticeable the last 3 days, but yesteday i felt exhausted and had a headache and sorethroat, i can describe it as flu like symptoms! im worse today, want to go to bed but have 4 yr old so impossible:( I am presuming his is mild flu? or is this what fatigue is like?

Also still waiting for MRI results (had it done a wk past friday) got really upset this morning as no one seems able to give me a clear answer as to when i will get the results or how i will get the results…

Im also waiting a neurology apointment but been told theres an 11wk wait…

Just feeling scared and frustrated the moment!

If you have got this far thankyou!


Hi Onwards - what a lovely positive pseudonym :slight_smile: I have a 5 year old and I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, so I know how it feels to need to nap but not be able to. Yes, it does feel a bit like having 'flu. I also know what it’s like to wait so long for appointments (I’m waiting for my 2nd neuro referral). I think each hospital differs slightly. My MRI was ‘within normal limit’ and I got a letter with the results - and discharged back to my GP with a diagnosis of FND which I am querying. You might have to wait until you see the neurologist. I hope that you get some answers soon. At least there are some lovely people to keep us here in Limboland! Best wishes :heart: