Oh my god fatigue is horrible!

Hey guys how r u?
So my optic neuritis is slowly improving but oh my god the fatigue is awful!!! I find it was really bad for a few weeks when I first got my ON and it went fr a bit and now it’s back with a vengeance! I can’t have Function at all really. I get up do some work and then by lunchtime I’m
Back in bed. Really need some suggestions as this is getting ridiculous!!


Have you been offered steroids for this relapse? they might help you get back on your feet quicker.  They may help the ON as well.

Hi. No was not given steroids for this relapse. My Neuro said he rarely gives them for ON. I was given them last yr for my first relapse and nearly ended up in hospital I reacted v badly to them.

I rest when my body and brain tell me to now.I used to fight the fatigue but learned a valuable lesson that ignoring and fight MS symptoms is the wrong thing to do.Rest when your body says rest,listen to it more.

If I feel tired in the morning I rest.

The past two days have been rotten,I got up and had a cup of tea,got my child off to school feeling ok,then Fatigue hit me so bad,I crashed out on the sofa,woke up feeling terrible pain and stiff.Then crashed out again and again and again,my brain is all fuddled and I feel like I never even went to sleep.I am still tired.

So I have no energy to do anything but cooked my girl and myself some dinner.Its time just to sit and do nothing.

I am just worn out.

All I can advise is do not do to much and listen to what your body is telling you.


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thanks charlie!! does it get better? i know mine is bad cos im in the 7th week of a relapse of optic neuritis. once my sight comes back will the fatigue go?



Fatigue can come and go,I can get up some mornings and feel fine just a little tired.Then for days even a few weeks the fatigue can be terrible.It can get better but honestly you need to listen to your body.I have a child so if I feel fatigue kicking in I rest or by time she comes home from school and I have fought the fatigue,by 6 pm I have had it and my body and brain shut off.

Then I get a few weeks were I just feel a little tired and can last a whole day without needing to crash out.Because its not like I drift off to sleep its more like my brain just shuts off then I wake up and think what the ? happened...

Some meds can make you feel fatigued,you may wish to speak to your GP or MS nurse to see if they can help or recommend anything to help.

So yes it can get better but when I realy cannot say.If your fatigued then rest.I now spread my chores over the week and do not do anything beyond my capabilities,you have to ride the storm so to speak.But doing to much is not a good idea.


Ahhh interesting. Yes when my ON was bad 6 weeks ago I was less tired than I am now… It’s really odd. Guess its prob cos I’m still in a relapse. Am hoping once my sight comes back fully the fatigue will go away! My first relapse last yr where I lost sensation on my legs I never felt tired! It’s weird how each one is different. Ok so ur sayin when my fatigue is this bad I shud just rest the whole time!? X

Think you can't actually beat it. Such a nasty disease - rest and be kind to yourself. YES - you should just rest! And promise not to rush and overdo things when you feel vaguely better!!

HUgs xxxx

Rest as much as possible.I still try and cook and do dishes and chuck some cloths in the washing machine.Just do not over do anything.And then rest or nap as you feel the need to.

With MS we dont have every symptom each time we have a relapse or constant symptoms all of the time.Meds can make us feel worn out.No two days are alike,well not all the time.

All I have done today is cook a quick meal,do the dishes and nothing else,I have not even got the energy to stand up.

When it is real bad yes rest all the time or most of the time.

It is NOT being lazy,we cannot help this horrid fatigue...