Possible DX :-)

Well seen my private consultant last night who examined me and listened to my story and after reading the MRI report (not seen the scan yet) he seems to think post viral fatigue (chronic fatigue syndrome). He did say couldn’t rule out MS due to two faint white spots on scan but not enough to dx that at the moment. Wants me to start slowly building up what I do over the next three months and get back to work bit by bit (hallelujah!!!) Now for the NHS neuro this morning who will have seen the MRI scan. Hopefully he’ll agree and I can move onwards

Hopefully that’s good news for you, being able to move forward seems to be about 99% of it for most of us I think. Good luck with the neuro this morning

Sonia x

Thanks Sonia, Well two slightly different opinions. This one thinks its migraines. Sooooooo double edged attack. Amytriptylene to ease any migraine symptoms and a slooooow phased back return to work :slight_smile: Mick

Glad to hear you have a clear plan now, Mick! Will you be cutting out migraine triggers like chocolate and cheese and avoiding flashing lights (I have three family members who get severe migraines) ? It must be a relief to have the goal of getting back to work a clear three months ahead of you! Wishing you well :slight_smile:

I’ve suffered with migrains since i was 12 and they are passed down the family through my mums side of the family. We all get slightly different symptoms but we all started off with the same ones. I’ve never know any residual symptoms left after a migrain, for me it’s like the fog suddenly lifts and we’re all back to normal. I might do some research :slight_smile:

Jo xxx

Glad to hear the good news and you can start to plan your return to work.

Take it steady, yeh?


I know this sounds a bit bonkers but if you’re not completely against accupuncture then please try it!

I had it privately about 12 odd years ago when I had an awful run of sinus infections that caused lots of migraines and really I any for them a few times a year as an adult… I decided it was time to try something drastic and with my needle phobia it’s pretty drastic, the doctor that did it was worried as my tummy visibly trembled the whole time lol. Short course and migraines now are a rarity :wink:

Luckily for me the doctor that did it is a GP at my surgery so I can get it for free with him - saddly it did very little for my MS symptoms (but I still tried) as it really is wonderful if it does work, incredibly relaxing so might help even if tension is the main symptom :slight_smile: Good luck tho

Sonia x

I 'll back Sonia up on this one. I too am not keen on needles but I went for a long course of acupuncture in preference to drugs for depression and the after effects of hysterectomy. It did me a great deal of good and I came through the depression and was physically much more in balance afterward (I supplemented with a little self Reiki treatment). Complementary therapies can be a huge help, you just need to try a few out and see what works best for you.

That’s good news and hopefully you’ll be back to work soon. Good luck

Sharon x

Good luck and good news