Need a rant!

Hi guys hope this finds you all as well as possible. To be honest I feel really sh**e. Had steroids from gp last week and while I was taking them I felt so much better. But, and this is where I know I’ve got the “feelin sorry for myself” virus Monday morning felt so unwell and by that afternoon was back in bed with a chest infection. The freezer burn is back, the fingers are doing my head in, my head is way too heavy for my neck, supposed to be starting DMD’s before Christmas but at minute not even well enough to travel to docs. Aaasargh. O and I’m wobbling about here like I’ve just downed the Bushmills distillery. Nice black upper arms for Christmas with shades of blue and green. Luv u guys, thanks for listening…

Glynnis xx

It’s a bummer this MS malarkey, isn’t it Glynnis?

I don’t blame you for feeling sorry for yourself. What about a nice treat!! What works for you? Thorton chocolates for me

Ask your gp to visit you, if things don’t improve, won’t you.

Take it easy xx

sorry your having a tough time of it, i always seem to be ill this time of year.i dread it when winter comes, hope you feel better soon,rest up and be kind to yourself.

J x

Hi Mammabear64,

Don’t be too hard on yourself for feeling bad. I didnt feel great on steroids, but I totally crashed once I stopped taking them.

Could be your having a similar reaction and if you have a chest infection on top it’s no wonder you feel bad. As others have

suggested rest and treats are called for. Chocolate cake is always good!

Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments. Slept most of yesterday. Hoping that antibiotic will kick in soon. Just praying that this relapse won’t go on for months. Just feeling defeated at minute but I know I am very fortunate in comparison to others on the site. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Love and mega hugs

gkynnis xx


am glad u r feeling stronger! can i just offer offer one suggestion? dont compare yourself to anyone (that includes on here) its not a competition-who the heck would want to win?! your issues are very real and deserve the attention just as much as anything/anyone else.

ellie (its chocolate time/refreshment break now)

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