Chest Infection


I have RRMS and was only diagnosed in April. Since around early May i had a lot of pins and needles in my legs and heavy legs.

After a few weeks my right leg improved a lot,But my left leg never really improved.

At the beginning of October i went down with a chest infection and was given antibiotics. After a couple of days i had a lot of my old ms symptoms again. My legs have been really bad and i struggle to walk even the shortest distance. Also the fatigue is taking its toll on me. I have been off work since i started with the chest infection. My ms nurse and my GP keep telling me i just need rest to allow my body to recover from the infection and then my ms symptoms will settle down again.

I am getting a bit fed up now as i thought i would have picked up by now. Is this normal for it to take this long to recover?

Any advice appreciated.

Infection will attack your weakest parts and yes it can take ages to get rid of the symptoms. In my personal experience don’t try and take shortcuts let your body tell you when it is better.


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i have noticed that if i have a cold it will linger on and on.

UTI’s can leave me feeling wiped out for weeks.

shouldn’t go cursing my immune system for attacking my myelin because we need it when we’re ill.

hope your chest heals soon

carole x

Thanks for the replies.

I was just getting a bit worried as the weeks go by and my ms symptoms weren’t getting any better.

I’m still quite new to all this.


Thanks for the advice Polar Bear. Guess we all learn the hard way.

I have seen my GP again as my sick note ran out yesterday. He said i just need rest and not to fight my body. He has signed me off work till January.


Just thought i would give a quick update.

I think i am slowly improving now. I don’t seem to be getting as tired as i was and the Sensations in my right leg just come and go.

I am still finding walking a challenge as my left leg is still numb and heavy.

At the moment i am not on any dmd, But was wondering if i was and i got an infection would i have a better chance of not having a relapse.


Any infection will knock you for six and takes much longer to recover than those without MS. I have had a recent infection and my MS was awful. Took me around 6wks to recover.

Shazzie x


Thought i would give a quick update.

I have been struggling since early October and i have not really picked up a lot. I have been struggling to walk any distance and get tired really quick.

Last week i got to see my neurologist and he gave me steroids for 5 days to speed my recovery. He also said in the New year he wants to start me on tecfedera.

I took the steroids but i never really felt any different apart from a dodgy stomach one day. On Monday i had a

sore throat and lots of spots on the roof of my mouth. My Gp says i have a bacterial infection and has put me on penicillin. Since Monday my legs have been the worst they have ever been.

I am getting frustrated now as i thought i would be well on the way to recovery.

Hopefully i will have more luck next year and when i get started on Tecfedera things might pick up and be relapse free.

Hope everyone as a good Christmas.

hi irons

just a quick add.

tizanidine is good for stiff heavy legs.

my neuro suggested it and now my gp has it on my repeat prescription,

carole x

Thanks for the reply Carole I will mention it to my ms nurse in the New Year.