Chest infection

Hi, I have ms. I am waiting to see nurses as my ms is active and I am not on dmd.I have been doctors as I was not feeling well.i have been put on antibiotics, I have been on them for a couple of days. Doctor thinks might be chest infection. I am still not feeling well, feeling hot. I have all tingling in my back. Which I have had for a while. Does infections get worse now the disease is active. Any advise please ?

the infection may make your ms symptoms flare up.

not the other way round.

take your anti-biotics and sit it out.

my favourite words of wisdom “this too will pass”.

As Carole says, having things like an infection will often mean symptoms can worsen while it lasts. I recently had a chest bad infection, and really felt awful - not just the infection itself, but MS symptoms were worse. Thankfully the antibiotics did their job, and MS stuff went back to normal afterwards.

Hope the drugs work quickly for you


hi Happy Christmas! I have SPMS and now have a bad chest infection that won’t go away. My doctor has given me 2 lots of antibiotics and have 1 more day of the second lot and I am still coughing and wheezing. my cat thins I am purring at her! Does any one has any suggestion for help

That’s nasty Lynne. Poor you.

I think it’s just a case of see the GP again and get more drugs / cough medicine / black magic (not the chocolate, but that might help too!)

I do hope you manage to shift it, it makes sleeping difficult, eating hard, talking, just everything.


I agree. Whenever I have an infection my ms symptoms always get worse. If in doubt go back to doctors. Hopefully the antibiotics have kicked in now and you can see a change.