chest infection

hello again! i have developed a chest infection and have antibiotics from my gp. but i have felt my symptoms have got worse in the last few days, the tingling, numbness, fatigue and balance in perticular. i was wondering if this is common and will clear as the infection goes or is it starting another relapse? i dont have a full dx yet. any replies would be very welcome. lots of love lorraine x x x x

Hi Lorraine,

Bugs, colds and infections etc can all be worse for people with existing health problems. They can also exacerbate our symptoms too. Best thing to do is to rest up as much as you can and look after you.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Debbie xx

hi debbie, thanks for replying, i am keeping warm and resting, i really cant do much as its hard to breath, feels like a heavy weight sitting on my ribs. lots of love lorraine x x x

I am not dx either, but I have had two chest infections this year along with constant wheezing which they have put down to developing asthma (seems odd to me to just get it but hey ho) and am currently on with my 3rd chest cold just hoping it goes before any infection sets in.

When I get them all my symptoms are worse, my fatigue increases and my walking deteriorates, I assume as my immune system is busy trying to get to grips with the chest infection. Hope you get yours sorted out :slight_smile:

hello ha903070,

isnt this all so confusing! any change and you dont know if its another symptom or a " normal" illness. mind you i have forgotten what normal is!!! love lorraine x x x