Chest Infectin and Locum G P

l started feeling really ill on Tuesday evening, high temp aches & pains.

Poor hubby went to The to surgery on Wednesday morning by 8am so he could get me an appointment .

got the appointment my G P was on leave so I had to see a locum, l dread that as l have to try to explain everything.

l felt so weak l could hardly get out of the car into wheelchair, went in to the usual what can l do for you today ?

( one day lm going to say a new Body please ) l explained my symptoms high temp, difficulty breathing, dry cough.

he examined me and yes you have a bad chest infection, l’ ll prescribed antibiotics,

go home stay in bed , take lots of paracetamol and lots of liquids. ( does that include G &T ? )

l said l hate getting infections as they always make M S symptoms worse.

to which he replied Oh no you only think they do. Smarmy toe rag If l could have got out of the wheelchair l would have launched him.

poor hubby was trying to keep me Calm ,

l said l have had this disease for 23 years l think lm aware what triggers M S

he just glared at me ,

why do some G Ps think they know everything, ? I don’t think this ones ink had dried on his medical qualifications.

sorry for rant .

hope everyone has a better day.


they do know everything, dont they? or is that neurologists?


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i saw 2 student GPs a couple of weeks ago.

they were lovely.

total eye contact throughout, asked me if i wanted to be called carole or mrs m.

introduced themselves to me.

and soooo young.

i know i’m ageing at a rate of knots but they were really young.

couldn’t help thinking “i bet his mum and his nana are so proud”.

yep that definitely confirms it, i’m getting really old.

i really hope that the anti-biotics do their job for you.

carole x

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