Chest Infection and MS

Hi All, hope you are as well as you can be.

Five days ago I thought I had a cold, then I started coughing like I’ve never coughed before, feeling very weak and could hardy move. Kept going cold and hot and all I wanted to do was sleep. Had even gone off food (not normal for me) and wasn’t interested in drinking either.

hubby got worried as I was getting weaker and weaker so he called the doctor in. The doctor said do you want an inhaler? Hubby replied no I think she needs antibiotics, ok said the doc’ and prescribed me some 1 to be taken 4 times a day. 2 days later I was no better but now I had this ugly rash on my leg. I couldn’t even get into bed without help. So once again hubby called the doctor in who sent me straight to hospital. Turned out after having a x-ray I had a chest infection which was also in my lung. The doctor at the hospital said the rash on my leg was down to the antibiotics previously given and would take a long time to go. He then put me on a course of steroids and changed the antibiotics.

Now I’m left to cope with a rotten dose of MS and so weak.

The point of my post is would one of you kind people cheer me up. Please.



hi janet

i have no jokes but could take a broader view.

even when we feel at our worst, the sun keeps on rising.

the birds keep on singing.

babies still get born.

you continue this yourself because the more things you can think of the more cheered you will be.

meanwhile you will continue to heal.

feel better soon

carole x

hiya janet

sorry u r feeling delicate.

to follow on from caroles post I am waiting on my 2nd grandchild to be born today! She’s currently 5cm…

hope u feel stronger soon.


how exciting ellie!

we watched a mad film when i was expecting my first. one of the lines was “prawn of my loins”.

so as we charted the baby’s growth, my husband kept on calling it “prawn of my loins”.

he’s 27 now (baby not husband) and a fairly big prawn he is.

carole x

Thanks Carole & Ellie,

The thought of a new born always brings hope and cheer. The sun is shinning, the sky is blue, reminds me of how lucky I am, so bless you both I will now stop being sorry for myself.

Do let us know Ellie when you are a gran twice over, exciting times.



hi ladies

Brooke was born at 3.30-both fine.

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hi janet

glad we could be of help.

it’s a good habit to get into - being thankful for the small things.

they add up to a happy whole.

there is a word in german - think it’s gestalt.

the whole is more than the sum of it’s parts.

now when i start philosophising my family do a synchronised rolling of their eyes!

try it - it’s funny

carole x

Hi Ellie,

what lovely news, so pleased that Brooke (lovely name) and mum are good. Congratulations nan twice over.



Hi Carole,

thank you so much and I’ll give your suggestion a try, but from the bottom of my heart you and Ellie really brought me back to my senses. I needed it badly.



hi janet,

you didn’t need to be brought back to your senses… you needed a good old whine! better to get it off your chest (no pun intended. or was that a freudian slip?). i love the ‘adding up your blessings for a happy whole’ idea, but a good vent helps too, and this is the place to do it. i’m glad you’re getting sorted now.

congratulations on your new addition ellie… brooke is a lovely name, you must be over the moon, xoxo

wendy xx

Thanks Wendy, you are quite right I did need a rant and thanks to you lovely ladies I am now counting my blessings again. It’s strange as when I first started using the forum I tried and still do give people encouragement and friendship. Never thinking I would ever get down enough to use it in this manner myself. Keep smiling and bless you all.



P.S. I love your 2 cats.


your cat looks like my youngest. i seem to need a ‘cat nut’ alert attaching to me…