Terrible fatigue -SCARED!

Hi everyone, hope your all doing ok.

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I had a bout of tonsilitis which was treated with 10 days of antibiotics. However, ever since finishing the antibiotics I feel dreadful. On and off I been feeling nauseous and had indigestion and just generally felt a bit dodgy.

However, now I have the WORST fatigue I have ever experienced. To the point I actually just have to lie in bed. I also have some vision issues, nothing too severe, just a delay in focussing, very mild dizziness and very tired and heavy eyes. My parents are visiting at the moment and they have had to take charge of looking after my two small kids as I’m completely useless. I called my MS nurse today as am worried I’m having a relapse. She said she doesn’t think so and she thinks I’m still recovering from the tonsilitis and the fatigue is just exacerbating my symptoms. I find it so difficult to believe what they tell you as it’s so scary!

Im now absolutely paranoid that I have ME or chronic fatigue syndrome or something. Generally I’ve been doing ok for the last 3 years with my MS so these symptoms have freaked me out a bit.

Has anyone else suffered with this type of fatigue before and how long did it last? My parents have to leave at the weekend and I’m concerned I’ll not be able to look after the kids :frowning:

Any advice greatly appreciated. Love to all xx

hi lisa

it’s impossible to explain to explain fatigue to anyone who has never had it.

stop second guessing a new illness to add to the ms.

it’s easy for me as an outsider to say but… (words of wisdom)… pick your battles.

you’re at war with ms, an unfair match but this is it.

you need to huddle down and wait for it to pass.

call in any favours that you are owed and take people up on any offers of help.

if you still can’t find help with your children. talk to someone - GP, social services, ms society helpline etc.

if at all possible, talk to your parents about how you are feeling.

when i get that bad, i feel like the life has been drained out of me and yes it’s bloody scary.

however i’m alive and kicking.

you will be after this has passed.

you will get through and you will survive this blip.

we are stronger than we ever thought.

top tip - stuff the ironing, life’s too short! nobody ever died from wearing wrinkled clothes.

grab as much rest as you can whilst your parents are still there.

sending hugs and best wishes for the life to come back into you.

carole x

I have had fatigue from hell in the past and both bouts caused by drugs. The most recent was last October when I began a course of a migraine treatment drug. I had to have the dose lowered to the bare minimum because the fatigue was unbearable.

I am sensitive to drugs now and am certain MS has made me so. Fatigue is always the result.

So, in my experience it’s the drugs. Now you are off the drugs and the infection is gone the fatigue should wear off. Give it a week or two…

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I slept all day today. I don’t really want to lift my arms to type this. I don’t really want to concentrate on my words. I don’t want to empathise with anyone and I can’t be bothered to speak with anyone. My symptoms are up and my vertigo is crazy. I can’t explain it to my family, they think I am tired. I think that this is fatigue. It is so debilitating. I am sorry you are suffering too.

Fatigue is the worst part of MS and it multiplys tenfold when you have been ill or had medication for other illnesses. I know it is worrying I have the same worries I cook for my daughter and my wife and fatigue often gets in the way. I know it isn’t ideal but you could always order take out for the kids it isn’t the healthiest option but it was the best I could come up with for a while. That was until I tried using wiltshire farm foods which are excellent they are frozen meals but they are healthier for kiddos and they have stuff kids like too there are always some of these in my freezer just as a backup. That way you can rest and not worry about what the kids are after. There are a few of these types of companies and whats even better is they deliver them directly to your door. worry free rest for you and full and content healthy kids hope it helps :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. It turns out that I was suffering with anxiety! I had lowered the dose of one of my medications and I didn’t realise that I was getting unwell as the symptoms were very subtle. The final straw was the tiredness and then I had a couple of days where I felt really anxious so I called my doc. They put the dose of my medication back up and hey presto, a week later I’m back to normal! I always forget how anxiety can affect you in different ways and the symptoms creep up on you. Feeling loads better though so looking forward to the good weather at the bank holiday weekend and playing in the garden with my kids. Hope your all doing ok xx